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Why 2020 US election is Global Election – How the outcome will rule the World. Kyriakos Mitsotakis nightmarish conspiracy


The last 24-48 hours before the American elections, we will have a record number of cases of covid-19 throughout Europe and of course in Greece, where prime minister is the Germanophile Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Mrs Merkel wants revenge for the political and economic humiliation suffered during Donald Trump tenure as US President. D. Trump is the only one who described the Germans as “usurers”, and told the Chancellor that he would impose tariffs on all German products and especially on the German car industry.

For four years, the forces of globalization, Berlin and Beijing and the “bosses” of internet, have sought to wear down and overthrow Donald Trump, because he spoils the plans of Germany and the club of billionaires who want to produce their products in the inhuman China (where people live and sleep in cages) and leave millions of Americans and Westerners unemployed. Unfortunately this is something that we already experience in our lives. We can see who is “running” it and who is gaining millions or billions of money by muzzling millions of people.

Who carefully hided the escape of the virus from the city of Wuhan? The Chinese and the W.H.O..

Who is shouting to date, who is responsible for the lockdowns, the millions of unemployed and the spread of panic? Those who work with Bill Gates, George Soros, the Clinton Foundation and Trump’s political and economic opponents Mrs. Merkel and Beijing.

If Trump is re-elected, masks will be thrown into fire and will form burning hills in different parts of the world. If his opponent comes out, the forces of globalization will return with great force and those who raised the slogan “stay at home – stay safe” will win billions.

Bayraktar: The Russian weapon that dismantles them. Within 48 hours, a Russian electronic warfare weapon blocked 9 Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 aircraft flying near the Russian military base in Armenia
Delta and Alitalia Airlines Open First Travel Corridor Between US and Europe since Covid Rules Were Introduced

While the armada of the Turkish fleet is unhindered on the Greek continental shelf between Rhodes and Kastelorizo, the whole of Greek society was forced by the government-branch of the Chancellery of Berlin to wear a mask, not to move at night, not to move in the “red” areas, to starve more, and finally disband food service businesses and shops. Normally, the prosecutor of the Supreme Court and all the prosecutors of the country should have intervened the disorientation of millions of Greek citizens. Every afternoon the Greek citizens receive a storm of lies from the gold-paid pro-government channels. They hear a number of covid-19 cases that are supposedly increasing, and accompany this number with more terror and fear.

We all understand that depending on the number of tests we do, we will find the equivalent positive tests. If you do more tests every day, it is reasonable that you will have a larger number of positive tests. The false view of the information culminates in the fact that there is no analysis, no reporting for those who are intubated or end up. No one tells us if the intubated patients have cancer or heart disease or have had a stroke or other serious illness. No known TV presenter asks if those who died, died only from covid-19 or they died from other serious illness and covid-19. No “journalist” asks such questions. They are forbidden. Prosecutors should have intervened, because, as intensive care specialists say, in order to reach intubation, one must have a serious underlying disease and not just covid-19. Strangely, no TV channel, no TV presenter wonders, why simply the fear of the coronavirus is used as a screen for the humiliation and betrayal of our national issues.

White House Press Secretary to WSJ: "Biden Will Recognize Armenian Genocide" - Further Deterioration Expected in US-Turkish Relations

There’s no doubt that the prime minister and his family are close friends and collaborators with the Germans since World War II. Since the period of the Occupation. Mitsotakis (like his father) never said anything or shouted against anti-Greek German policy. He did not utter a word when his compatriots’ pensions were cut, when they formed queues to get some vegetables for free, and when they committed suicide because of their indecent living.

50.000 Trump Voters in Greece Out Of 110.000 With US Chitizenship. President of Republicans Overseas Hellenic Chapter: Trump "runs" alone

The current prime minister behaves as a common traitor, as a “puppet” of the Germans. His political and economic “companion” are the members of the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP). They are the people of the German agent Simitis (Simitis was the Greek PM 1996-2004). It is Michalis Christoforakos of Siemens who escaped to Germany. They are the ones who want to give half of the Aegean to Turkey. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy starring Kyriakos Mitsotakis. He is the “puppet” that allowed Erdogan to formalize the Turkey-Libya EEZ at the UN. He is the “Quisling” (traitor) who was revealed by Zoran Zaef saying that he worked hard for the interests of the people of Skopje and the lifting of the French embargo. He is the fatal politician in whose days all the preparations for the division of the Aegean are made. He is the associate of the anti-Greek George Soros Foundation, who was a talker and traitor to the Germans during World War II.

Mitsotakis cousin, Antigoni Lymperaki, is the director of the Greek branch of the vulture organization Solidarity Now. He has in his government as Minister of Financial Affairs, Mr. George Zavvos, who is the brother of Stelios Zavvos, Soros’ representative in Greece. He also built a golden relationship with Bill Gates and Microsoft. He works as a “dealer” of various interests of billionaires and multinationals. He distributes a lot of money to the contractors of Athens, firstly with company GEK TERNA, due to the relations that Gerapetritis’ father-in-law has, with the major shareholder of the company Mr. Peristeris. Where there is a “job” that facilitates the interests of the Germans and few croesus, Mitsotakis obviously “runs” with common interests. Whatever he does neither brings growth nor brings back the lost jobs nor restores the dignity of Greece to the protectorate (Germany). Day by day he looks more, he and some of his ministers, like Tsolakoglou and the other traitors in the years of Occupation, as they were baptizing radicals those who were hungry and those who were opposed to the German boot. Nowdays, “fascist Europe”, Merkel’s Europe, the banks and the lockdown are beating the millions of protesters because they are reacting to the masks and asking for bread. The pro-German Mitsotakis government consists of rifle butts that easily give sea and islands to the Turks.

Man shouting Allahu Akbar beheads teacher in Paris after Muslim pupil complained to her parents and sparked community outrage
Covid-19: How Does Belarus Have One of the Lowest Mortality Rates in Europe?

TV channels are cluttered with money so they don’t search and speak for what they see.
The parades for the 28th of October are cancelled because they “conceive” covid-19. The siege in the Court of Appeals at Pavlos Fysas and Golden Dawn trial, the stowage of Greek citizens in the buses and in the underground metro, do not transmit the virus! The “government of the descendants” of the Germanophiles during the years of Occupation (Mitsotakis, Pikrammenos, Skylakakis, etc.) does not want the Greeks to remember the struggle against Nazism. The prime minister grew up with German nannies. The first language he learned was German, and his father did not hide it, shouting that he had a special relationship with Berlin and the Germans. Like the Simitis family. Simitis’ brother, Professor Spyros Simitis, was head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the German FBI.

Mitsotakis talks to the Greek citizens only about the “war on coronavirus”, the same time that Erdogan proves in practice that he does not respect Greek sovereign rights. The infection disease specialists have disappeared from the television windows, because they have realized that they have contributed to the leveling of the national economy and that Mitsotakis uses them as a folding screen for the national issues. Most people realize that they are swimming in a pool of ridiculousness.

The famous Stanford professor Ioannis Ioannidis, in an interview with “Democracy Newspaper”, stated that the coronavirus mortality is lower than the initial estimates and that the government measures are disastrous. Globally it amounts to 0.15% in total and 0.03 in people under 70 years. Professor Ioannidis’s study proves who the conspirators are, who dismantled the world economy and who will one day apologize.

Nobelist who Discovered AIDS Dr. Luc Montangier Joins Israel Supreme Court Petition to Halt Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign

The result of the American elections will show whether Merkel can continue to be the “usurer” of the Europe

Millions of Americans are already waiting in line to exercise their right to vote in person, not by ballot. This is the first time that the American election is not only American but also global. From the day after November 3, the world will throw away the masks and the extreme measures. In November 3, the world will return to normal or we will have the world of Mr. Gates, the club of billionaires and Beijing’s wider penetration into the international economy. The result of the American elections will show whether Mrs. Merkel can continue to be the “usurer” of Europe or the German commercialism course will be stopped. We all understand exactly what is happening. We all understand why the rich of the planet became richer, and hundreds of millions of families were added to the poor. We all understand why they break out in the slums against the lockdown. We can see it in Naples, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Berlin, England.

White House Press Secretary to WSJ: "Biden Will Recognize Armenian Genocide" - Further Deterioration Expected in US-Turkish Relations

We can not be locked in the basements. It is not possible to become subhuman. The treatment can not be more destructive than the problem. We no longer want to live with masks and hear lies. We want our lives back. We want back the beautiful cities like New York, Venice, Barcelona, ​​etc. The virus, according to the latest announcements of the distinguished professor of epidemiology Ioannis Ioannidis, has a much lower mortality than the one that was initially estimated. And as the professor says, all these extreme measures taken by the friends of globalization, by the “puppets” of Merkel and Bill Gates, are catastrophic. Maybe it seems that we can not move the earth but, WE CAN.

Dendias to Tsavousoglou: Ready to help after the earthquake - PM on Twitter: EMAK stands ready to assist

Tommorow we will celebrate the 28th of October without parades, without paying tribute, not even symbolic. We hope that next year we will not celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of ’21 with a smaller map, less land, less sea and less air.

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