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Republican party of American Voters in Greece Reaches All Time High of Registrations. More than 42.000 New Trump Voters from Greece.


“The Greek-American community, either in Greece or in the USA, is voting massively Republican,” the Chairman of the Hellenic chapter of the group Republicans Overseas, Jonathan Constantine, tells Greek Reporter just three weeks ahead of the election.

“Greek-Americans in Greece are almost finished preparing for the elections as almost all of them have already voted, at least those who have registered,” he says.

Although nobody knows exactly how many Americans in the country have registered to vote, Constantine notes that in 2020, the Republican party managed to register approximately 42,000 new voters in Greece.

“Added to 5,000-7,000 active voter registrations from Greece in the past years, we estimate that the number climbs to approximately 50,000 in total in the country,” he explains.

Speaking generally for Greek-American voters for the Republican Party, Constantine believes that they feel their vote will help Greece to be heard, while they also want to become more active in the US electoral process, since many of them have not taken part in the elections for many years.

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He affirms that, so far, Republicans in Greece are very happy with President Trump’s diplomacy in the region.

“They see a President who is making deals in the Eastern Mediterranean and who is getting countries which were never before willing to talk, to sit down and create alliances, deals and, with the exception of Turkey, promote growth in the region. That is something that all Republicans appreciate in President Trump’s policies,” he points out.

Constantine, who is also the Director of the EastMed Strategic Studies Institute in Athens, holds that it’s what one does that matters, not what one says, and that the Trump presidency has provided results on a number of international issues — in contrast to Joe Biden’s ineffectiveness.

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“On record, Joe Biden has done absolutely nothing (for the region) in 47 years. He was at some point involved in the negotiations in Cyprus and he managed to do absolutely nothing, whereas President Trump has managed, in a very short amount of time, to get Israel to sit down and sign a peace deal with Bahrain and with the UAE.

“He has managed to get Greece and Egypt to sign a partial settlement of the economic zone; he has managed to bring Israel, Greece and Cyprus together through the signing of the economic section of the EastMed pipeline energy deal — though we still have quite a way to go regarding the European part of the deal.

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“We are hoping that Greece will finally get on board and be there so that the United States can guarantee the borders of this trilateral agreement, which we call the 3+1 Pact”, the Chairman of Republicans Overseas Greece explains.

“Also, today, as we speak, Lebanon and Israel are holding talks in Naqoura, and that has to do with the demarcation of the economic zone between those two countries which technically still work with each other. So, yes, President Trump has done a lot and Joe Biden has done absolutely nothing,” he emphasizes.

According to Constantine, another reason why Greek-Americans are voting for Trump has to do with what they believe to be the provenance of the Democrats’ and Biden’s funding.

“Given the fact that major Democrat party contributors are very close to Erdogan and the Democratic party itself receives massive amounts of funding from Turkish sources, Joe Biden will be very biased against Greece,” he states.

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Constantine concludes “This is something that Republican voters know and that’s one of the reasons they turned up so massively to protest Joe Biden’s sharing of his of views. On the record, Joe Biden has been supported by Turkish money.”

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US strategic ally Turkey: Biden's pro-Turkish "Pirouette" - Jeffrey Payat: "We Must Keep Turkey in the West at All Costs"

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