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Muslim Brotherhood & Iranian Mullahs Celebrate Biden


Some extremist Muslims prepare “party” with Biden election.

Extremist Islamists of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian officials hope that with the election of Biden to the United States, Tthey will have a “new Obama era” in terms of US foreign policy doctrine.

“Analysts have attributed this enthusiasm (including Erdogan and the Iranian mullahs) to their desire for a repeat of the era of former US President Barack Obama, in which they themselves played a significant role in leading the wave of uprisings “of the Arab Spring”.

The Muslim Brotherhood media have not been the only ones celebrating Biden’s electoral advantage so far.

The Iranian media seems excited by the results of the Democratic candidate, as they show their hatred of Donald Trump, hoping for a complete restoration of the lenient treatment that the country enjoyed under Obama.

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Extreme Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters in the media in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and the Gulf states, did not hide the fact that their prayers for Biden’s victory are finally heard.

The Muslim Brotherhood hopes that US pressure will be exerted on Egyptian President Al Sisi to secure the release of the Brotherhood leaders convicted for terrorism and conspiracy against the security of Egypt, and to the other Arab countries to lift the ban, boycott Qatar and restore relations with it.

The Muslim Brotherhood never hide its positive opinion for Biden. He has been portrayed as a supporter of Islam and Muslims, noting that he often refers to Islam in his speeches.

American Islamic associations, such as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which are affiliated with or considered close to the Muslim Brotherhood, promoted Biden’s candidacy among Americans and participated in his campaign at state and national level.

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The Brotherhood’s first goal, in Biden’s almost certain victory, will also be to lift restrictions on the Palestinian organization Hamas and to facilitate its access to donations and funds raised by the Brotherhood and its various affiliates for the benefit of Islam. Palestinian Authority, which the United States has characterise as a terrorist organization.

However, observers say it will be difficult for the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters, especially in Qatar, to regain the same benefits they enjoyed during the Obama administration due to significant changes in the region.

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Biden has not described his Middle East strategy in the run-up to the election. However, this strategy, analysts say, will not run counter to US interests and is unlikely to run counter to the flow of geopolitical change in the region.

Biden will not take any action just to please the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar or anyone else in the region. In addition, Biden’s first priority will be to make decisions in the light of the balances in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Ellen Laipson, a former senior U.S. official and current director of security studies at George Mason University, believes Biden will work to restore confidence in the United States before traveling to the Middle East.

An article published by the Syndication Bureau noted that the Middle East is not the right place to build alliances for the United States, compared to Europe and Asia, noting that “Biden will be able to restore the Relations with many countries in the Middle East, with the possible exception of Saudi Arabia.”

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Iran will also be a “difficult test” for Biden, while a simple restoration of the 2015 nuclear deal is not enough.

Diplomats and political analysts say Iran’s confidence in the benefits of a Biden victory is too great, noting that the US president is not taking any action or pursuing policies that run counter to US interests.

In short, many expect a lot from Biden if he is elected and the possible court thriller with Trump ends, while we do not know what game the former US vice president will play, especially with Sultan Erdogan who threatens the SE Mediterranean and the interests of many countries.

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