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Investigation From the American Minister of Justice for Fraud in the US Elections – What He Ordered to the Prosecutors


U.S. Attorney General William Barr has ordered prosecutors across the country to launch investigations into “substantial allegations” of electoral irregularities across the country, breaking a decades-old tradition that wants the central government not to engage in such investigations before the announcement of the final result of the elections.

The intervention of Barr, who has been accused of politicizing the Justice Department, follows Donald Trump’s persistent refusal to the outcome of the US election, claiming fraud.

Explaining his reasoning, the U.S. Attorney General describes in his letter the tactic of all previous years for the federal government to investigate possible fraud in the electoral process, after the announcement of the result, a passive and delayed reaction approach.

Barr’s letter was received with applause by Trump supporters but with skepticism from lawyers and election experts.

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According to the New York Times, the head of the department conducting these investigations at the Ministry of Justice, Richard Pilger, has already resigned.

Meanwhile, Barr reported that before sending the letter, Barr met with the head of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, which raises further questions about the decision of the US Attorney General.

Read the prototype William Barr memo

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Sixteen Children Refugees Relocated to France


Διαβάστε το Άρθρο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.Punjab’s provincial government is turning to coercive measures to increase participation in its Covid-19 vaccination program, after unveiling plans to disable the SIM cards of people who decline to get jabbed. The extreme decision was made during a meeting of high-ranking civil and military officials chaired by Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid.
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Rashid said that the...

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