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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

USA Today newspaper breaks tradition and becomes Biden’s crutch


USA Today, one of the largest U.S. newspapers in its history for the first time in its history, announced that it supports a candidate in a presidential election, sided with Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“Four years ago, the editorial team – an ideologically and demographically diverse group of journalists that is separate from the staff of the news division and operates by consensus – broke tradition and chose camp in the presidential race for the first time since USA Today was founded in 1982,” the editorial team said in a statement.

“We have asked readers not to vote for (US president) Donald Trump, describing President Trump as unfit for the presidential office because he did not have the temperament, knowledge, stability and honesty that America needs from its presidents.”

But after 38 years, the editorial team decided “unanimously” to support Biden in the upcoming November 3 election, saying the Democratic nominee offers ” to a shocked nation a shelter of calm and competence.”

New York Post editorial: “Facebook and Twitter are not media platforms. They’re propaganda machines”

“If this were a choice between two capable candidates of major parties who could have opposing ideas, we would not choose sides. Different voters have different concerns. But these are not normal elections and these are not normal times,” the newspaper’s editorial team pointed out.

“This year, character, competence and credibility are put to the vote. Given Trump’s refusal to guarantee a peaceful transition of power if he loses, the same goes for the future of American democracy.”

Claiming that support for the former US vice president would have no effect on the news, the editorial team concluded: “We may never support a presidential candidate again. In fact, we hope it will never be needed again.”

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New York Post editorial: “Facebook and Twitter are not media platforms. They’re propaganda machines”


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