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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Germany: The End of the Merkel’s Era is Coming – Gruenen Seven Points Ahead


Poll results show a new era in Germany.

The controversy over the nomination of the candidate for Chancellor for the Christian Union (CDU / CSU) seems to already cost the final “winner” Armin Lassett, while the exemplary process of the Greens is rewarded, respectively.

According to a poll by the Forsa Institute on behalf of the private television networks RTL and n-tv, the Greens are at the top of the preference with 28% (+5), while CDU / CSU remain in second place with 21% (-6%). In third place remains the Social Democratic Party (SPD) with 13%, followed by the Liberals (FPD) with 12%, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) with 11% and the Left with 7%.

If this was the official result of the election, the next government would be formed headed by the Greens and Chancellor Analena Berbock. Federal elections will be held on September 26.

According to the same poll, only one in three respondents (32%) believe that the election of North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Armin Lasset as a candidate for chancellor was a good decision. On the other hand, almost two thirds (63%) are of the opinion that the chances of Christian / Christian Socialist election victory have deteriorated.

The Greek sectors that German groups are ready to invest

In fact, 67% of voters believe in the CDU and 90% in the CSU, whose president is Marcus Zeder, who was ultimately defeated by Lassett.

35% of respondents said that the chances of the Greens have improved with Burbok and only 13% believe that the outlook has deteriorated. However, the majority does not have a clear opinion on this issue.

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