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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The 14 years old and the rest 4 students arrested during incidents at last Thursday’s student rally were released by the investigating officer.


In front of building 9 in the Courts of Evelpidon, a protest rally took place and the crowd broke out into applause as 14-year-old Vangelis was released with his mother’s escort.

Leaving the building Vangelis declared for the support of his classmates “We are a family”. Regarding the conditions of detention he mentioned, among other things, that he slept on the floor.

In front of the interrogator were four other students in addition to the 14-year-old.

Classmates of Vangelis shouted early on “Vangelis remember, we are with you” and “Vangelis we love you”, “to hear them”, as they themselves explained. Also students from Ilion school came to protest, where those arrested attend.

The mayor of Halandri, who participated in the protest, speaking to journalists said: “We are here to state with our presence the obvious, that the position of 14-year-old children is in schools with their teachers and in their homes with their parents and not in detention centres and in the courts. If the children are here, it is, in any case, the sole responsibility of the State. We support children who are fighting for education and health in very difficult conditions because we have decided that we will always be with them.”

Government allowed the gathering of crowded Iraqis in Syntagma, while he arrested 7 Greeks that tried to lay a wreath at the monument of the Unknown Soldier at Syntagma on the National Anniversary Day on wednesday.

SYRIZA press representative Nasos Eliopoulos and MERA25 member of the prliament Kriton Arsenis also participated in the protest.

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Athens today in Islamic siege. Two marches against France were banned


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Rashid said that the...

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