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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Government allowed the gathering of crowded Iraqis in Syntagma, while he arrested 7 Greeks that tried to lay a wreath at the monument of the Unknown Soldier at Syntagma on the National Anniversary Day on wednesday.


In an unprecedented provocation, the government, while threatening the Greeks with imprisonment if they “dare” to parade on October 28, with Adonis Georgiadis even characterizing those citizens who paraded as traitors, allowed the gathering of foreigners who demanded papers in Syntagma.

According to information, the demonstration was organized by KEERFA and was attended mainly by Iraqis.

We remind you that yesterday the police made seven arrests after the tension that occurred on Wednesday morning in Syntagma when a group of about 70 people tried to lay a wreath at the monument of the Unknown Soldier. A case is being filed against the seven arrested for spreading diseases.

Greek Health System: 80% of Surgeries are Canceled by Government Order


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Mourning in Samos for the two dead children from the eartquake


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