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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Gianna Angelopoulou Wanted to Invite the Criminal Erdogan For the 200 Years Celebrations of Greece 2021


It could be a bad joke, but it is a reality that captures an unpleasant story for our country that exposes us.

According to the article at “KATHIMERINI” newspaper on 25/10, in which an article referred to the preparations for the 200 years since the Greek Revolution, the Chairman of the Committee Gianna Angelopoulou sought to invite the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the celebrations. She reasoned that it would be a symbolic move of peace and friendship.

At the same time, Mrs. Angelopoulou’s guest is on the verge of a military attack on our country. After all, he tried it at the beginning of the year, in Evros, using thousands of transported immigrants and mercenaries. Does she want him to talk to us about the “blue homeland” and pan-Turkism?

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After the unbelievable retaliation of the Commission with offensive positions against the protagonists of the Revolution and the founding of the free Greek state, such as Kapodistrias and Karaiskakis, the sick elitist minds who consider the celebration as a communication show, bring a soap opera conqueror. The one who desecrated the Hagia Sophia, the one who threatens the West with a jihadist holocaust.

Naivety and stupidity or expediency based on the aspirations of an elite that puts business above the national? The ELIAMEP doctrine for co-management in the Aegean also accompanies the Angelopoulou Committee. It is impressive, according to the publication, that the Mitsotakis government responded positively to the possibility of calling the paranoid Erdogan, a sign of how some brains think, who put a red national line at 6nm.

BioNTech: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Invested $55 Million In an Infectious Disease Collaboration That Would Reach Up to $100 Million in Total Funding

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It is a pity that we will not celebrate the National Polygenesis with Sultan Erdogan and Emine…

200 years of national memory or a bad-tasting Turkish serial?

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Dora distances herself from Macron: Sketches in public buildings could have been avoided

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