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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Completely coincidentally, Oruts Reys reached 7.5 nautical miles from Kastelorizo and the cases of covid-19 increased


It is a pity to be a young person in Greece. It is misery and a walk in the rings of Dante to belong to the third age. If you are young you will not find a job. And if you find it, it is usually indecent, because the reward is minimal money in relation to your effort and performance. If you belong to the third age, you are anxiously waiting for the retrospectives to be sent to you. That is, a part of what they cut for you during the days of the memorandum.

Every day you hear that the government is strengthening or are going to strengthen the people either with extraordinary allowances or by distributing “pocket money” to repair the damage caused by the cyclone. Television ostentatiously hides despair, unemployment and hunger in Greece. The Big Brother politician, broadcast by the news bulletins, gives you the false feeling that you live in a democratic place, with independent justice and pluralistic information. Everything happens around you with the aim of protecting your life. In fact, all political choices tend to secure the domination of foreign powers, to strengthen the wealth of a particular elite, and to have complete control over the reactions of the population, which must suffice in the slightest since this is supposed to happen to protect it.

Covid-19: Studies From Yale and Vanderbilt on How to Make You Feel Ashame and Afraid Because You Haven't Take the Jab

If you are new to Greece in 2020, you can not protest, you can not take part in marches and rallies for health reasons. You have no right to go to a public square or a park at night. And if you do, you are an offender. The TV channels shout at you. You have no right to enjoy your love or the company of your friends. You increase the invisible viral load even if you keep your distance. It is forbidden to think contrary to health rules. The country’s prime minister is a friend of Bill Gates and Microsoft. He is a fan of teleworking, teleconferencing, distance education, absolute confinement at home and the politics of apotheosis through relatives and gold-paid channels. If you are older and believe to God, it is forbidden to go to church to receive Holy Communion. According to the government and the infectious disease specialists you will get infected either from the teaspoon or by kissing the icon. The priest who will communicate with you will sit on the stool accused of transmitting the disease. You will be accused by the SKAI TV bulletins that you are a dangerous body, you are a brainless, an anarchist who does not understand the danger and the increase of viral load. Churches must be closed. Half of the Church’s property must go to the Germans. First in the super fund and then in the Exchequer of Germany.

Further Evidence Supports Controversial Claim That SARS-CoV-2 Genes Can Integrate With Human DNA

The Greek must lose his faith. This makes it easier for the state to shrink, for the borders to be folded. Monday, Wednesday, Friday we have to put the mask indoors. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday the aspect is to put the mask outdoors. The spearhead of government communication, a doctor, a Nobel laureate, a colorful “Peacock” (Dr. Matina Pagoni). In front of Maximou is Matina Pagoni, who warns from now on that we will not celebrate Christmas, New Year, Pentecost, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Cross. We will not celebrate any day of the festival outside our homes.

New Navtex for Turkish Oruc Reis off Rhodes until November 20, shortly after the deadly earthquake in Samos

If you are a resident of this country and a football fan, you are happy to hear Avgenakis tell you that you will finally go to the stadium. You do not manage to rejoice. You do not have time to look for a ticket. You do not manage to shout “Olympiacos the greatest” or “Paokara I live and die for you”, because the black rider (Mitotakis) is coming.. Political grace. The vampire of the economy. The leveler. And the smile freezes on your lips: You will sit at home, you will see it on TV. There is no freedom the virus is everywhere. The virus is waiting in the stands of Karaiskakis. Do not let anyone go to the Toumba stadium because you will get infected by covid19.

If you are a resident of Kastoria, you are comforted by saying: “You are not alone, Kozani and Ioannina will close soon”.

Coincidentally, Oruts Reyes reached 7.5 nautical miles from Kastelorizo ​​and the cases of covid19 increased. They exceeded 660. The government had a lot of positive tests from the previous days and announced them as soon as the Turkish army arrived near Kastelorizo. The SKAI TV’s bulletin had plenty of covid19 last night, diplomatic paper warfare and maps with the order of our Navy near Kastelorizo. The number of intubated was constant but the minds of viewers had to receive the necessary dose of fear with messages of dangerous lockdowns in Kastoria, Ioannina, Thessaloniki, and of course in Attica.

Turkey Raises Tension in Greek Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in Eastern Mediterranean
Bild headline: “The dispute over gas-powered ships overshadows the EU summit – Erdogan duping Germany”

The “menu” of the news also included the joint appeal to The Hague of Greece and Albania, in order to prepare the public opinion for something similar with Turkey. As the father of the current prime minister used to say, the Court should draw the line in the Aegean in what we agree with the neighbors. The SKAI TV’s bulletin, as an anti-democratic and fascist bulletin of a tv station which broadcasts garbage such as Big Brother and Survivor, also had an ounce of Golden Dawn darkness. Of course, Mrs. Kosioni and Mrs. Mandrou hurried to gather as much as possible the implications against the prosecutor Mrs. Economou. This happened because there was the announcement of the Union of Judges and Prosecutors that condemned the television lynching, the television bullying, against Mrs. Economou. The SKAI TV bulletin, fully led by Maximou, refrained from giving as much as it should or extend to the behavior of the Germans and Europeans who rejected Mr. Dendias’ request for an arms embargo on Turkey. In fact, the Germans said very coldly that the legal procedures are being followed and that exports to Ankara are at a low level. The Spanish and Italians have not yet responded to the military reinforcement of the troublemaker (Erdogan) in the region that insults and threatens the Europeans.

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