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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Police Raids Mykonos Party with 500 Guests, Arrests Couple for Quarantine Violation and Cocaine Possession


Police on the island of Mykonos raided a rented villa where a private party with a few hundred participants was under way. The raid of the villa in Ftelia area took place in the early hours of Thursday.

According to local media, some 500 people had been attending the party.

Police arrested a man, believed to have been renting the villa on charges of disturbing the peace.

Arrested was also a couple from Spain that was earlier tested positive on Covid-19 and had broken the imposed quarantine. Furthermore, the couple was found to be in possession of cocaine, Alpha TV reported.

According to local media, the man from Spain and the woman from Venezuela are to be taken to prosecutor on the island of Syros. It looks as if it was a police drone that detected the couple in the villa, while the two were supposed to be in quarantine hotel on the island.

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Each violator of quarantine is fined with 5,000 euros.

Health authorities are tracking the contacts of the couple.

Mykonos is next to Halkidiki the two major tourist destinations that additional restrictive measures are imposed as of tomorrow, Friday, August 21, 2020, due to increased epidemiological data. Among others, the measures limit public or private events to 9 people maximum.

Source: cyclades24.gr

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