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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

ISIS Jihadist Serial Killer Arrested in Open Refugee Camp Elaionas at Attica, Wanted for Multiple Homicides


Dangerous jihadist belonging to ISIS was arrested in the early morning hours as announced by the Special Violent Crime Squad (D.A.E.E.B.)

He is a 27-year-old foreigner of Syrian nationality (which means that he is most likely a racial Turk), against whom a criminal case was filed for joining the terrorist organization ISIS / DAESH, as well as for terrorist attacks, of direct assistance in murder, with deceit, in a calm state of mind, jointly and consecutively.

In particular, the arrested person, who entered our country on 28-03-2018, while being examined, accepted the charges against him, and with the case against him, he is being brought to the Prosecutor of the Athens Court of First Instance.

During the investigation, which was carried out in the open refugee camp Elaionas in Attica, where he lived, digital evidence was found, which will be sent to the forensic laboratories for laboratory tests.

Sixty (60) Turkish Warships have been Deployed in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean

So it is understood that a very dangerous person for two and a half years remained in our country where he entered as a refugee…

Suppose he was waiting for his asylum application to be considered…

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