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Parthenon: 5 truths about the famous monument that few know


Interesting details about the great monument of antiquity.

It is the most brilliant monument in Athenian history that to this day causes awe and admiration to Greek and foreign visitors. The Parthenon is not just an attraction of Greece but a monument that gathers the history of thousands of years. The history of Greece through the years, the art and philosophy of the country from antiquity until today.

However, whatever we have heard and read about the Parthenon, there are some truths and facts that few know. This information has its own interest and gives us a different perspective.

1. The blast

In September 1687 the Parthenon suffered great destruction. It was the period when the military campaign of the Venetian Francis Morosini was in progress. So on September 16, a shell shook the fortress powder keg of the fortress. The result was the collapse of a large part of the temple on the east side.

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2. No straight lines, only curves

In the Parthenon there are no straight lines but curves that we cannot perceive. This is something that is attributed to its architectural construction. Practically, there is no straight line. On the contrary, there are small and imperceptible curves throughout the building. In fact, they are so invisible that they give the impression that, for example, its pillar is straight and completely flat. Which is not as it looks.

3. Christian church and mosque

The Parthenon had been turned into a mosque but also a Christian church, something that many have never heard of. More specifically it was in the 5th century when the Parthenon was converted into a Christian church. The Parthenon was dedicated first to the Hagia Sophia and then to the Virgin Mary. In the 17th century the Parthenon was an official mosque.

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4. Antiseismic construction

The construction of the Parthenon is completely antiseismic. Experts have come to interesting conclusions about the construction of the Parthenon. According to them, the monument has been constructed in such a way as to allow it to expel rainwater but at the same time to have the required seismic protection even for many Richters.

5. The wooden roof

The original roof of the Parthenon was wooden and this is something that few know. The columns, the gables and the triangular part of the Parthenon may have been made of the well-known and famous marble, but the same was not true for its roof. In fact, the original roof of the building was made of wood. Experts and historians who have studied it say that this was the only way for its construction to work. This is because if they had made its roof from marble, it would automatically have created a lot of pressure on the columns. This would result in a high risk of the building collapsing.

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Greece's most trusted platform for giving. Fundraise for a cause or charity. Crowdfund the most brilliant ideas.

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