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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Oruc Reis at 7 nautical miles from Kastellorizo


Turkish provocation peaks in the Aegean. Diplomatic counterattack from our country.

In a suffocating circle around Kastelorizo, Oruc Reis sails with a closed transmitter, just 7 nautical miles from the island complex of Megisti.

The Government Representative sent a new message to Turkey via ANT1, while in his exclusive statements on the show “Good morning Greece”, the honorary Chief of The General Public, Giorgos Kambas, proposes an immediate partial extension to 12 miles.

Turkey is reaching the limits of extreme provocation, bringing Oruc Reis closer and closer to Kastelorizo, but without having placed the special echo sounding investigative cables.

Since 3 and a half in the morning the navigation tracking system, AIS, has been closed, continuing to sail within the Greek continental shelf without doing any research.

At 11:30 a.m. he arrived about 7 nautical miles from the island complex of Megisti and after completing the turn, took course southwestern out of the potential Aegean zone of Greece.

Erdogan Converts Another Historic Church into Mosque in Chora

All this is happening while the Turkish energy minister threatens to send a drilling ship to the sea area of Kastelorizo.

Turkey is opening up the subject of the claims in the hope of an expanded agenda of talks with Greece. Characteristic is the new challenge for search and rescue zones, which is identical to the claims of the doctrine of the blue homeland, cutting in half the Aegean Sea.

With a diplomatic counter-offensive, the Government is stepping up its moves to ensure that Turkish provocation does not go unanswered by Europe.

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"Oruc Reis" a Breath From Faliraki of Rhodes!


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