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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Erdogan’s puppet Ersin Tatar won in the Occupied – What’s changing in Cyprus


Erdogan-backed Ersin Tatar has been chosen by Turkish Cypriots for their new leader in today’s elections in the Occupied Territories. Tatar was elected with 51.74% against 48.26% of Mustafa Akinji. The election of the nationalist candidate marks negative developments in the course of the Cyprus issue, as it is expected that there will be a complete identification with the choices and illegal claims of the Turkish president.

Erdogan congratulated Tatar on his election. After finalizing the results of the vote, Akinji also congratulated Tatar and announced that he was retiring from politics after a 45-year run. The outgoing leader of the Turkish Cypriots also indirectly referred to Ankara’s interventions during the election period.

The vote in the crucial second round ended at six in the afternoon, with the two gladiators fighting until the last minute. The elections were also held in the wake of Ankara’s pirate action to “open the Barosia” and a series of Turkish provocative actions in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus. According to the CYPE, participation reached 61.03%, an increase of 3% over the first round.

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Participation, according to the supreme electoral council, increased in all provinces. It is recalled that last Sunday, in the first round, in a climate of threats to Akinji and Erdogan’s “gift” to Tatar, it was at 58.21%. In the October 11 showdown, Tatar came first with 32.35% and Akinji second with 29.84%. Third was Republican Party candidate Tophan Erhiurman with 21.68%, which made him a regulator.

Elections – turning point for the Occupied Territories
However, despite Erhiurman’s support for Akinji and the conscience vote proposed to their voters by the other candidates, even with their single-digit percentages, Tatar took victory and this is changing the political landscape in the Occupied Territories. A decisive role in Tatar’s victory seems to have been played by the increase in turnout at the ballot box. Tatar also raised the issue, speaking to reporters after exercising his right to vote. He said 58% of the first round was low and called on Turkish Cypriots to go and vote.

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For his part, Akinji, as broadcast by Genç TV, spoke, without naming them, of a series of events which should not have happened, but occurred during the election campaign and the electoral process. The current Turkish Cypriot leader apparently meant the “opening of the Varosians”, announced a few days before the first round, with a show set up by Ankara to support Tatar. Today, however, Akinji did not mention this by name, in an attempt to attract, even at the last minute, some of the hard-liners or undecided voters. Which, as the result shows, didn’t work.

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Although given the presence of a Turkish occupying army and Ankara’s insistence on maintaining the status of “guarantees”, which led to the sinking of the talks in Cran Montana, it is almost impossible to have a political expression independent of Turkey’s choices in the “pseudo-state”, the Tatar election is a negative development. This is because the previous Turkish Cypriot leader supported the solution of the Bi-Union Bi-Community Federation on the Cyprus issue, while Tatar supports the two-state solution.

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