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Donmez: Turkey ready for drilling within the Greek continental shelf -What Oruc Reis spotted


Ankara is ready to drill south of Kastelorizo, within the Greek continental shelf, the country’s Energy Minister Fatih Donmez announced.

The Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis, flown undisturbed by the Greek armed forces, is said to have identified deposits of natural gas, hydrides and perhaps oil.

According to Donmez, the work done by the Fatih drilling rig in the Black Sea gave Turks access to 405 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves, adding that their exploitation by citizens is expected to take place from 2023.

Regarding the Eastern Mediterranean, Donmez said that “our studies there are continuing. We’ve already done eight studies. First we x-rayed the area and we’ll continue drilling. We conduct seismic surveys in areas where we observe gas flow. We’ve been doing this kind of research in the Kas area. We’ll evaluate the findings, and if we see a prospect, we’ll send a drilling rig to start drilling. According to expert geologists, seismic studies give us hope.”

Erdogan Converts Another Historic Church into Mosque in Chora


And he went on, referring to the studies around Cyprus:

“We continue seismic studies in the Turkish republic of Cyprus. We are open to all kinds of dialogue, but we have not seen any positive approach from the Greek side. This is in fact a great opportunity for all the peoples of the region. I hope they will be open for dialogue in the near future. I would remind you once again that what we have said from the beginning, ‘we do not see in any foreign property, but no one should do the same to us’.

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis Reaction to Monastery of Chora Being Turned into Mosque from Erdogan

Our distance from Kastelorizo is 2 km, Greece is 580 km away. When we say it in meetings with Europeans, they agree, but unfortunately they do not do the same in front of the television cameras. We are currently announcing NAVTEX in our own areas, without entering the territorial waters of the islands. There has been no problem so far.”

About a month ago, Turkish energy expert Abdullah Agar revealed that Turkey was seeking natural gas and oil and that the main source of wealth in the Eastern Mediterranean is hydrated gases and that a hydrated gas plant equals 30 units of natural gas. His reference to Kastelorizo was also impressed: “The watery offshore gas south of Kastelorizos is the same as shale gas”.


His entire statement:

“Turkey is looking for natural gas and oil, but it turns out that the main issue is the watery gases of the Mediterranean. It is not just the 3.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and two billion barrels of oil that are supposed to be in the Eastern Mediterranean. Even these stocks are estimated at about a trillion dollars.

Completely coincidentally, Oruts Reys reached 7.5 nautical miles from Kastelorizo and the cases of covid-19 increased

The main source of wealth in the Eastern Mediterranean is watery gases. One unit of hydrated gas equals 30 units of natural gas. Now imagine the equivalent in money. The watery offshore gas south of Kastelorizos is the same as shale gas”.


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