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Dendias to Tsavousoglou: Dialogue Only After the Departure of Oruc Reis


The position of Athens that as long as the provocative actions of Turkey continue, there is no space for dialogue, conveyed, according to diplomatic sources, Nikos Dendias to Mevlut Tsavousoglou, during their telephone conversation today.

According to the same sources, the communication between the two sides was initiated by the Turkish Foreign Minister.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Dendias himself announced via Twitter, they talked about “the conditions that would allow a meeting of the two sides in the near future”.

However, the message sent by the Minister of Foreign Affairs was that, as long as “Oruc Reis” does not leave, the possibility of a meeting is not “on the table”.

Turkey sent 1,000 Syrian jihadists to Nagorno Karabakh. Another group is also preparing to be sent in the coming days

Ankara, however, has shown that it does not deviate from its plan. The renewal of NAVTEX for the activities of “Oruch Reyes” in the south of Kastellorizo ​​and east of Rhodes, before even the completion of 24-hours after the telephone conversation between Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in October 30th, is indicative of Ankara’s intentions to maintain the climate of tension in the region.

From the Athens side, there a number of estimates. The most prevalent of these is the cessation of the activities of “Oruc Reis” in November 14th, in order to proceed with the necessary maintenance work in Antalya and return after some time.

Greek helicopter & stealth submarine surrounds Turkish submarine near Evia island

The two main escalation scenarios are the dispatch of a floating drilling rig to the “tri-national” of Greece, Turkey, Cyprus or, if Mr. Erdogan decides to take the crisis to extremes, the “activation” of the research areas at west of the 28th meridian.

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