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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Bulgaria outsmarts Greece: If Skopje continues to falsify our history, we will send the army


Bulgaria will not hesitate to send troops to Skopje if they do not stop distorting Bulgarian history. This was stated by Bulgarian Vice President and Defense Minister Krassimir Karakatsanov in a radio interview yesterday.

On the other hand, the Minister of Development of Greece, Adonis Georgiadis, is in favor of the ratification of the memoranda of cooperation with Skopje, with the Greek government trying desperately to ratify them, despite the objections of many MPs from New Democracy party.

“Northern Macedonia must respect and implement the Agreement it signed three years ago. “It is not necessary to sign a new agreement,” said the Bulgarian defense minister.

“They literally refused to work in the joint committee. “They are celebrating it – the national holiday of October 11 against the so-called ‘Bulgarian conqueror,'” Karakatsanov said in an interview.

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He called for the removal of monuments in Macedonia that do not correspond to the Bulgarian understanding of history.

“If necessary, I will send the motorized regiment to remove all monuments that do not correspond to historical events,” Karakatsanov said.

“In Skopje, they are trying to turn history back 1,000 years to give legitimacy to the theory of the Comintern and after 1944 to Tito’s Yugoslavia,” Karakachanov said.

“The history of (Vardar) Macedonia until 1944 is Bulgarian history, this is the position of our country,” he said categorically.

At the same time, Adonis Georgiadis, from the Parliament, stated: “Do not worry, the memoranda will be ratified. We as a party, during the period when we were in the official opposition, that is, before the elections, in the rallies that we proudly participated in, said that the Agreement should not be ratified by the Parliament, but if it is ratified it is binding and if the people elect us we will abide by it. the country’s international commitments. Consequently, New Democracy and its MPs do not have any political problems to ratify these agreements”.

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It is reminded that the disputed memoranda concern economic cooperation, acceleration of the process of accession of the Republic of Northern Macedonia to the EU, and Skopje FIR aerial policing.

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