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Sunday, April 11, 2021

John Katsimatidis: The Greek Billionaire Wants to Buy CNN


One of America’s richest Greeks, with $3 billion in personal fortune, aspires to become Greek-American Ted Turner – Despite the defeat of his friend Donald Trump, he wants to influence political developments

The fact that CNN shares have fallen lately does not seem to upset the rich businessman John Katsimatidis at all. It makes him happy as American business circles say that he has set a goal to acquire the popular channel in the coming months. “The fact that his friend, Donald Trump, did not win the election, does not leave him much room for disappointment. “John wants to turn the deck in his favor, buying a channel that influences both political developments and public opinion,” his own people claim.

It also has a whole story. The famous Forbes magazine has included him in the 100 richest men in America, with a personal fortune that reaches the astronomical amount of 3 billion dollars. “The Katsimatidis family is extremely gallant in everything that has to do with politics,” say experts. “He wants to play a role in this and he has funded campaigns many times. In fact, he was one of the businessmen who came out and openly supported Trump.” If you are wondering why he chose Trump instead of Biden, the answer is one: Oils!

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The American dream

John Katsimatidis left Nisyros in 1948 as his parents sought a better life in New York. And he succeeded. Although his father was a bus driver and grew up in the dangerous area Haarlem, he made a successful appointment by opening his own grocery store, Red Apple. It went so well that it reached a turnover of $25 million a year.

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At the age of just 24, he acquired the well-known New Yorker supermarket chain Gristedes and later United Refining Energy Corp., which now owns 400 gas stations in New York. It has many restaurants, a newspaper (the Hellenic Times newspaper) and even airlines like the C&S Acquisition and Capital Air Express associated with luxury jet rentals. Of course the activities do not stop here. He is considered the best in real estate. His businesses are based in New York, Florida and the Virgin Islands and he enjoys the company of important families such as that of former presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. He has slept at least three times in the White House and has transported with his liar jet important factors of the political and business life of the USA. Those who know him well say that if business is one of his loves, the other is politics. He wants to have direct access to the political scene of his country for this and it is no coincidence that despite the billions he owns and the high connections he has with important names of the senate, in 2009 the idea came to him to claim the nomination for the Mayor of New York. An ambition that did not succeed but does not mean that the same will apply in the future. He was waiting for the result of this year’s American elections, to evaluate together with his staff, if it is the right time to reclaim the nomination.

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However, with or without CNN – it is said that he will offer “land and water” to be found this channel in his hands – it is rumored that he wants to play an important role in the social development of his city. Recently, in between funny and serious tone, he said on a radio show: “I have the feeling that at some point in the City Hall of New York, according to the popular custom of the Greeks, dishes will be broken”. His friends understood very well what he meant…

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