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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Greek Secret Services EYP stands ready for terrorist strike


Intensive mobility by suspicious Jihadists associated with Ankara’s Secret Services (MIT)

Alarm in Greek Secret Services (EYP) – In close surveillance illegal Mosques used as Safe Houses

Red Alarm has been sounded in Greece and the whole Europe, for fear of terrorist attacks by extremist Islamists.

The Greek Secret Services stands ready for terrorist attack, which may be presented as jihadist action, but in fact will be a MIT contract. President of Egypt Al Sisi has already warned Greece and Cyprus to stand ready for Jihadists attacks.

The Turkish secret services are openly using many jihadist networks abroad, which have been orphaned since the collapse of the so-called Islamic State. In addition, the ISIS military arm has been put in the service of Turkey and is fighting in Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Government allowed the gathering of crowded Iraqis in Syntagma, while he arrested 7 Greeks that tried to lay a wreath at the monument of the Unknown Soldier at Syntagma on the National Anniversary Day on wednesday.

Recently, groups of Jihadists appeared on the border of Evros, launching threats against Greece.

The prevailing assessment in the EYP is that Recep Tayyip Erdogan have activated the reflexes of extremist Islamists who obviously have targeted France and Emanuel Macron, but it is not ruled out that activation of extremist Islamists will result to the rest European targets that have reveled publicly in their local media previously.

Terrorist attacks cause destabilization and Turkey has every interest in weakening Greece at this stage.

Under the microscope of the EYP are jihadist organizations linked to Turkey and funded by Erdogan.

Dozens of illegal mosques have been placed under surveillance in Athens, which the jihadists use as safe houses.

In collaboration with the secret services of France, Egypt and Israel, all suspects for links to extremist Islamist organizations are branded. At the same time, security measures are being strengthened in structures and businesses linked to France, which constitutes potential targets for extremist Islamists.

Wall Street Journal: Looking Forward to the End of Humanity

In EYP they estimate that the extremist Islamist organizations have never acted in Greece.

There were no terrorist attacks in our country during the period in question, which had been the subject of a series of terrorist attacks in France, Germany and Spain. But now the situation is different.

ISIS remnants are funded by the Turkish secret services. Jihadist groups are trained in Turkey and then used as mercenaries.

The same is true for the remaining ISIS networks in Europe. That is why the Greek secret services are on red alert to prevent a provocative terrorist attack.

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