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Unrepentant is the teacher at the Lyceum of Ymittos who asked for mascara instead of … mask: “I want to be judged”


She was taken to court – Her trial adjourned to November – The philologist refused to accept even the decisions given to her by the head of the secondary education for removal from the school premises
The teacher of the Vocational High School of Ymittos who stubbornly refused to wear a mask in the school facility was brought to Justice and went to her own “show” saying that there is no coronavirus … to those who offered her mask, she replied: ” buy me mascara”.

There had been previous recommendations and the order of the head of the secondary education to remove the specific teacher from the class.

At noon on Friday and after a lawsuit by the high school principal, the teacher was arrested through the school premises and taken to the courts of Evelpidon.

Greek Health System: 80% of Surgeries are Canceled by Government Order

The president of the court informed her that she could take three days to prepare her defense and she refused.

“I will not receive a deadline. “I want to be judged,” the teacher said.

The teacher had been creating similar problems at school since the beginning of October.

In fact, she mocked some students who offered to give her a mask themselves, asking them to buy her mascara.

The philologist refused to take even the decisions that had been served on her by the head of the secondary education for removal from the school facility as long as she does not follow the hygienic rules.

So the school principal was instructed to alert the police in order to remove her from her position. He filed a lawsuit against her and a patrol car picked her up outside the school and took her to the police station.

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Her trial was adjourned until November.

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