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Trembling of Kyriakos Mitsotakis with background the pandemic!


Kyriakos Mitsotakis with his discourse tried to exploit coronavirus in communication, disparaging the skeptical citizens by calling them “sprayed”.

He characterized coronavirus as a great threat, which besieges the country and the planet, (with a great dose of terror) by the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his Saturday discourse. After first giving his condolences to the families of the victims of the earthquake in Samos and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured, he stressed that this message was what he did not want to have to do from the beginning.

However, as he stressed, he is not allowed to close his eyes to the harsh reality. It is imperative, the Prime Minister underlined, to put the health and safety of the Greeks above any other option, as the scientists warn that soon the new pandemic will shake the resilience of the National Health System, testing not only patients, but also our doctors and nurses. Therefore, according to the Prime Minister, the time has come for political decisions, which aim to prevent the worst.

Professor of Epidimiology Athena Linou: "7 Million Greeks Should be Vaccinated"

“As in the spring we managed to repel the virus and in the summer we restarted the economy and tourism,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, “now we must implement coronovirus measures again precautionary.” And with a dynamic plan in November to claim a more optimistic December. With the smoothest possible social life and more traffic in the Christmas and holiday market.

According to the Prime Minister, the announced measures are a necessary adjustment of our defense, as the attack of the virus is manifested in waves. The Prime Minister claimed that the measures are not a “total freeze” of everyday life and reminded that, if life remains a priority, the economy does not cease to be the one that must be kept alive to serve it.

The Greek sectors that German groups are ready to invest

He acknowledged that the measures announced are difficult, especially for those working in catering, entertainment and culture, but assured that the government would support those affected and that no one would be left alone.

He even took a stand on the issue that has arisen with scientists, emphasizing that they must stay out of any controversy. Because, if their adequacy is questioned or, even worse, if we start accusing them of playing political games, then we are “sawing the branch” on which we are all sitting. At that point he spoke disparagingly and leveling about “sprayed” people in an unacceptable reference to citizens who are skeptical.

The prime minister will do well, instead of insulting them, to try to persuade them… This means democracy and the rule of law.

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Government Gazette of 30/10/2020: Establishment of The National Vaccination Register - Will the Covid-19 Vaccine be Mandatory for Greek Citizens?

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Austria, Vienna Court: “PCR tests have no diagnostic value” The article is available in Greek language here. In Europe there is growing intolerance for anti-Covid tests and rules. The controversy comes directly from the administrative court in Vienna and concerns the "tampon" policy regarding the pandemic in Austria. A ruling of March 24, 2021, questions the use of test PCR, considering...
A petition yesterday was submitted to Israel’s Supreme Court by Nakim.org founders Dr. Hervé Seligmann and Haim Yativ seeking to halt the COVID-19 vaccine campaign. The article is available in Greek language here. They attached to the petition an opinion by Nobel Prize in Medicine laureate Prof. Luc Montagnier who discovered the AIDS virus. Prof. Montagnier approached Seligman and Yativ following...
The article is available in Greek language here.Last December, the world’s leading vaccine experts met in Geneva and acknowledged that vaccine confidence was in the toilet. Despite the public health establishment’s best efforts to mock and dissipate “vaccine hesitancy,” these experts, convened by the World Health Organization (WHO), confessed that the number of citizens and health professionals raising questions...
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Hospital Doctors Accuse PM Mitsotakis for Unacceptable and Ruthless Misinformation the Greek Citizens

The article is available in Greek here.The Federation of Hospital Doctors Associations of Greece (OENGE) launches a "fierce attack" on Kyriakos Mitsotakis with a very harsh announcement on the occasion of his TV interview on Wednesday night on Star TV. Bitingly, with reference to Menelaos Loundemis, they comment that: "Lies were told that they were ashamed of themselves, since...
Some of the medication used for COVID-19 is a in particular promising Cuban compound referred to as "Interferon alfa-2b," which has been effectively administered to Chinese language sufferers. In Greece Dr. S Tsiodras the Infectious Disease Specialist by the Greek Government have made request for clinical trials of Interferon since April of 2020 however not anything carried out afterwards and...

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