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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Shocking Confession From Pagoni: “Do Not Pay Attention to the Number of Covid-19 Cases – They Come Out According to the Tests”


Unbelievable “confession” from the president of the Hospital Doctors of Athens – Piraeus Mrs. Matina Pagoni who during her now established presence in TV channels and especially in SKAI, deconstructed everything that until now was claimed by the government and experts.

Ms. Pagoni called on us not to pay attention to the reduced cases, because they come from a reduced sample, as fewer tests were performed!

Until today, all government choices on the subject of the pandemic were made based on the number of cases, which were terrifyingly announced to us by the media every afternoon. Some said that the cases depended on how many tests were performed, but were treated as “sprayed” (as PM Mitsotakis called the greek citizens who have a different opinion from him and the infection disease specialists he is using…

The European map of Covid-19

But now it seems that it “slipped out” from Mrs. Pagoni’s mouth, appearing on SKAI TV, and she explained that “the 1,698 new cases announced by EODY on Sunday should not be taken into account, as the samples were half, i.e. they became about 14,000 molecular tests and 1,600 rapid tests. ”

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