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Lockdown: Greece in Gray – What Exactly is Valid from Saturday, November 7 at 06:00 am. – The required SMS for Travel


See one by one the measures provided in the alarm zone. Transfers only by sms. Gymnasiums and Lyceums only with distance education. Supermarkets open. Which stores are rolling shutters.

The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that from 6 in the morning of Saturday 07/11/2020 the country enters a second lockdown which, however, as he clarified, will differ from the first in some points. The measures will probably differ.

Characteristically he said :

“From Saturday morning at 06.00 it is time to return to a horizontal regime of suspension of activities for the whole country which will last for three weeks, until November 30. Something that will look like but will not be exactly the same as what happened in March and April. The five-digit sms are reactivated to get someone out of the house, of course supermarkets, pharmacies, health structures, the distribution of ready-made food remain open.

An important difference in relation to what happened in March and April is that the kindergartens, the primary schools but also the schools – I emphasize it – of special education at all levels of both the Gymnasium and the Lyceum will remain open. The Gymnasiums and Lyceums will be closed, which will operate under a teleworking regime. Of course, the big difference compared to March and April is that now the use of a mask for those who move is obviously universal and mandatory in all movements.

Red Cross: The Covid Vaccines Wipes Out The Antibodies You Have If You Have Recovered From Covid (Video)

What will exist in the Alarm Zone (gray)

According to the official website covid19.gov.gr/covid-map where there is also the Map of Health Safety and Protection from covid-19 infection, the whole country enters from 6 in the morning of Saturday 07/11/2020 in the Alarm zone (gray zone).

Hardalias: Traffic Ban From 9 pm to 5 am - What is Excluded

The measures that are currently in force in the gray zone (such as Thessaloniki), will be implemented with some modifications as Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself said from Saturday, November 7, 2020.

The measures that apply in the gray areas

In all indoor and outdoor areas

Travel to and from work during working hours or during work, if necessary, is done exclusively with a relevant type A certificate from the employer. For the period 05:00 – 21:00 movements are allowed using SMS ONLY for the following reasons:

Travel for health reasons (going to a pharmacy, visiting a doctor or going to a hospital or health center, if this is recommended after relevant communication). [SMS – Option 1]

Go to an in-house supply store, where delivery is not possible to send them on time. [SMS – Option 2]

Go to a public service, if the electronic (web) or telephone service is not possible only for urgent needs, after setting an appointment for which the citizen is informed in writing or electronically and under the additional condition of demonstrating the above information. Go to the bank, to the extent that electronic transaction is not possible. [SMS – Option 3]

Robert Koch Institute: "Humanity Will Never Be Able to Eliminate Coronavirus [...] It Would Be Good to Start Learning to Live With It, Perhaps Forever"!

Go to help people in need. Transfer to and from the place of work of a spouse or first degree relative, if necessary, accompanying a student to school by a parent or guardian [SMS – Option 4]

Going to a ceremony (eg funeral, wedding, baptism) under the conditions provided by law or going to divorced parents or parents who are in a dimension necessary to ensure communication between parents and children, in accordance with the provisions. [SMS – Option 5]

Cuba: Interferon Alfa-2b Works in Treating Covid-19 in China

Physical exercise outdoors or movement with a pet, individually or in pairs of two (2) persons, provided that in the latter case the necessary distance of one and a half (1.5) meters is observed. Transition for feeding stray animals, if the transition takes place within the municipality of residence of the citizen. [SMS – Option 6]

For the period 21:00 – 05:00 movements are allowed using SMS ONLY for the following reasons:
Reasons for employment [employer A type certificate]
Health reasons [SMS – Option 1]
Individual movement with a pet [SMS – Option 6]

Prohibition of travel outside the prefecture (air and rail transport is suspended abroad and is allowed only for strictly professional and health reasons in domestic transport)

Sports (games, training)
SUSPENSION of any sports activity

Individual exercise is allowed ONLY in outdoor public places (without a coach)
The matches of the First National Football League (Super League) and the A1 National Basketball Division (Basket League) are suspended in the sports facilities of the area, while ONLY the European matches (Champions League, Europa League, Euroleague, BCL) are allowed according to the special protocols. of UEFA, FIBA, Euroleague.

Hardalias: Traffic Ban From 9 pm to 5 am - What is Excluded

Archaeological sites, Museums
SUSPENSION of operation

SUSPENSION of operation

Public services and private companies
Mandatory teleworking at 50% regardless of whether it is a vulnerable / high risk group

SUSPENSION of operation except in cases of urgency (relevant JMC)

Trade Fairs – Sunday Markets etc.
SUSPENSION of operation

SUSPENSION of operation
Delivery function

Food stores (supermarkets, mini markets, bakeries, butchers, fish shops, etc.)
1 person per 10 sq.m. (4 people 20-100 sq.m. and 1 person for every 10 sq.m. extra)
Special disinfection on wheeled and non-wheelbarrows / baskets
Operation until 20:30
Weekend operation

Red Cross: The Covid Vaccines Wipes Out The Antibodies You Have If You Have Recovered From Covid (Video)

Nightclubs including banquet facilities, bars (sitting at tables only)
SUSPENSION of operation

Movie screenings
SUSPENSION of operation

Hairdressers, personal hygiene services, etc.
SUSPENSION of operation from Monday 09/11

Refugee Camps
SUSPENSION of output

Popular markets
50% of sellers, with 5 meters distance between stalls
Operation of parallel markets

SUSPENSION of operation

Transportation (Numerical / quantitative restrictions on travel concern the place / point of departure or internal movement)
65% in MMM
65% on ships
Up to 1 passenger in a taxi
Limit on the number of passengers in the car up to 1 person (excluding minor children)

Elderly care units
SUSPENSION of visitation

Hospitals and diagnostic centers
An attendant / patient
Limit * of scheduled surgeries up to 80%
* Oncological and emergency cases are excluded from the restrictions

Playgrounds (covered)
SUSPENSION of operation
including playgrounds and amusement parks / theme parks

Distance education (excluding seniors’ workshops)

Rehearsals, TV and film shootings
SUSPENSION of operation

SUSPENSION of public gatherings in the context of the Constitutional provisions for the protection of Public Health

Concert halls, Theatrical performances, Other Performing Arts (seated only)
SUSPENSION of audience attendance, possibility to perform a show exclusively for internet transmission

PM Mitsotakis: Masks mandatory everywhere and night lockdown in areas with many cases

Conferences / Exhibitions
SUSPENSION of activity

Mask from 4 years and over
Mask from 4 years and over
Primary education is open
Distance education in Gymnasiums and Lyceums

Places of Worship
Functions without the presence of believers
Funeral services only with the presence of up to 9 people

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