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Lawsuit-Appeal of Dr. Giulio Tarro – Dr. Paquale Bacco – Medical Examiner Angelo Giorgianni: “We Killed People Because We Followed Government Orders”!


Διαβάστε το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.

Europe experienced a year of lockdowns, which were imposed to “save” the citizens from the coronavirus, in fact in many cases the “we impose them so as not to become Italy” was heard.

But what happened in Italy?

The lawsuit to Italian and European courts against the government: “Sick people were killed in intensive care” is revealing and briefly explains what happened in our neighboring country.

The world-renowned Professor of Virology Giulio Tarro, the Judge Angelo Giorgianni, the investigating Medical Examiner Dr. Paquale Bacco, filed a lawsuit against the Italian government and appealed to the European Court of Justice over the measures taken during the pandemic.

In fact, they report that the wrong treatment was followed in the first phase of the pandemic, which led to the death of many people is the explaination for the excess deaths in Italy in the first wave of the coronavirus.

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The three experts through their association “The Heretic“, which already includes about 2,000 doctors and lawyers, as they explain in a press release, have a report that highlights and documents a number of aspects of emergency management due to coronavirus in Italy, especially from medical-scientific, epidemiological and legal point of view.

We killed people, albeit in good faith, because we were facing a new situation, but in intensive care a wrong treatment was applied. They said we should not use anti-inflammatory drugs, which are now the basis of the new treatment. No heparin was used and deep ventilation was performed. I saw the bases of the lungs of Covid patients during the autopsies and they literally burned completely, because the pure oxygen sent at a certain pressure created a real burn. The thromboembolism was caused because the oxygen did not circulate as the lungs became blocked. The doctors followed the government’s instructions using a completely wrong protocol. It was like treating a diabetic with sugar.[…]»… Dr. Pasquale Bacco pointed out among others.

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