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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Hardalias: Traffic Ban From 9 pm to 5 am – What is Excluded


Nikos Hardalias recently announced new stricter measures for the coronavirus. The Assistant Secretary of Civil Protection stated that from Friday there is a traffic restriction from 21.00 to 05.00 throughout the country. Excludes travel for work, health reasons (sms code 1) and walking with a pet within walking distance from home (SMS code 6).

“The reason for the restriction is based on our finding that unnecessary movements take place mainly in citizens’ homes, which increase mobility and therefore facilitate the transmission of the virus,” said Mr. Hardalias. He clarified that for the specific period of time (21:00 – 05:00) the sending of sms to 13033 will be required, as well as the certificate of an employee in case of movement for work reasons.

With regard to individual sports, he clarified that the new measures does not concern sports-training in the context of sports clubs, but strictly only in individual sports or in compositions of up to three people, with strong recommendation not to be far from their home. He reiterated that hunting and fishing are not allowed.

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Finally, regarding telework, Mr. Hardalias (Deputy Minister of Civil Protection) announced that from Friday, companies in the public and private sector should have a report available at all times that will prove that they operate only with the absolutely necessary staff and the rest of the employees are working from home (telework). In fact, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection announced the tightening of controls. Nikos Hardalias also encouraged and recommended the TV stations to adapt to the specific criteria, reducing to the absolutely necessary number of presenters and guests in the studio.

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Finally, addressing the people, he said that “the coming weeks remain very critical. We recognize the fatigue of all of us, however, we are at a crucial point, where we need to arm ourselves with patience and perseverance to be able to protect each other and deal with “this second wave of the pandemic. By limiting unnecessary mobility throughout the country, we are restricting the transmission, the transmission of the virus,” Mr. Hardalias stated.

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