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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Greece: The Germans Set Up a Giant Business With the Coronavirus Vaccine


Germans rub their hands after the announcement of Pfizer / Biontech. The contract with the EU is ready, the “sinner” Novartis has also won.

No, this time the Germans are not preparing to speculate – again – in a context of “economic crisis”. Confirming the view that “crises create opportunities” and against the background of the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic, they rush like predators to make the “rubble of the century”, taking advantage of the fact that the production of the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine, a fact that concerns not only Europe but the whole world, will be done on German “field”. And in fact with the fragrance of Novartis.

The availability of a coronavirus vaccine will really change the data for the German economy, significantly boosting growth, said yesterday, rubbing his hands, the head of the Kiel Institute for World Economy (IfW) Gabriel Felbermayther. “An effective vaccine with few side effects changes everything,” he said, explaining that the spread of the pandemic has overshadowed Germany’s growth prospects.

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Covid-19 hovers like a ghost over Europe, while, according to experts, the number of deaths due to coronavirus is expected to exceed 300,000. In this context, “Bild” wrote yesterday that the golden contract of the European Union with the German biotechnology company BioNTech for the supply of the coronavirus vaccine prepared in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer is “ready”. He even stressed that the negotiation of the contract has already been completed and the result presented yesterday (Wednesday November 12th) in the College of Commissioners, where he is expected to receive the official approval. “Everything is there (in the contract) and nothing can stop it,” a Commission source told the German newspaper, assuring that the German government was already aware of the process “so that different concerns do not need to be expressed”.

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The European Union has completed the negotiations with Pfizer / BioNTech and will sign a contract “in the coming days” for the purchase of 300,000,000 doses of their vaccine, announced yesterday the European Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakidou.

“Bild” also said that the order concerns 200,000,000 vaccines and a choice for an additional 100,000,000 and, according to the estimates of the German MEP, expert on health issues, Peter Lize, by spring and summer about 150,000,000 Europeans will have been vaccinated. German Health Minister Jens Spann had previously expressed restrained optimism about an agreement, while stating that Berlin would secure up to 100,000,000 doses. The big – rhetorical, however – question arises, of course, as to why Germany is in a hurry to “commit” in advance to 1/3 of the total production of vaccines.

Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better - Ida Auken Former Minister for the Environment of Denmark Explains With An Article at Forbes How the World Will Be After the Great Reset

Of course, Novartis will also benefit from the process – albeit indirectly – as BioNTech needs more and larger laboratory facilities to support the needs for vaccine production. As a result, it became known that it was going to buy its “sinful” Novartis facility in Marburg.
At the same time, an issue arises with the storage of vaccines. The German Ministry of Health has approached the army for help, which was confirmed by a representative of the Ministry of Defense. Earlier in the day, German global transport company Deutsche Post AG said it was well-prepared to distribute Covid-19 vaccines worldwide and was in contact with pharmaceutical companies and governments for details, including the need to transport low temperatures.

Finally, as the “Financial Times” wrote yesterday, BioNTech intends to sell the coronavirus vaccine below normal market prices. However, the expected profits, are huge, for obvious reasons, for the co-founders of the company who already belong to the 100 richest Germans.

The European map of Covid-19

Mosialos: At the beginning of 2021 the vaccine in Greece

An effective vaccine against Covid-19 could be released by March 2021 for the most vulnerable populations, said Bruce Eilward, a senior World Health Organization (WHO) official, as the London School of Health Professor Economics Elias Mosialos spoke about impressive news, referring to the developments for the coronavirus vaccine announced by Pfizer / BioNtech.

According to Mr. Mosialos, regarding the availability of the vaccine in Greece, he stated that he believes that at the beginning of the new year we will start taking hundreds of thousands of doses, initially for the medical staff and the very vulnerable groups. “If we protect vulnerable groups, then immediately the pressure on the health system begins to be discharged,” said Mr. Mosialos, while he stressed that we should also see how long the immunity from the vaccine will last. Except that it will protects us, it will also prevent the transmission of the virus by those who have done it and will probably be exposed to the coronavirus.

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Putin: All Russian vaccines for Covid-19 are effective

In the wake of the Pfizer vaccine news yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that all Russian coronavirus vaccines are also extremely effective, noting that a third Russian coronavirus vaccine will be launched soon. Russia has begun using its own Sputnik-V vaccine, although the third phase of its clinical trials has not yet been completed. In fact, it announced on Monday that the vaccine was more than 90% effective, shortly after Pfizer and BioNTech announced that the experimental vaccine they had developed was more than 90% effective.

Lockdown: Greece in Gray - What Exactly is Valid from Saturday, November 7 at 06:00 am. - The required SMS for Travel

“There are already two patented vaccines and studies have shown and confirmed that, firstly, these vaccines are safe and have no serious side effects after their use and, secondly, everything is effective,”Putin stated during a summit of members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. OSS), which took place via video conference. Putin said also that Moscow was ready to cooperate in the development of vaccines and agreed with the view of Pakistani Prime Minister Ibrahim Khan that the coronavirus vaccine should become the property of all mankind. “We propose not to politicize these processes and to start from the fact that people all over the world need these drugs today,” said the Russian president.

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