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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Greece Covid-19: N. Hardalias Announcement of Hosting Structures for People, Regardless of Age, Which Are Positive in Covid-19 – How the First One Will Operate (Video)


The article is available in Greek here.

The authority of the municipality of Voio is oriented to turn an old mansion in Siatista into a hostel, where patients with coronavirus who should be at home can stay there – Aiming to protect the elderly.

The Municipality of Voio intends to operate the first hostel in Greece for people who suffer from coronavirus, but have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic and do not need hospitalization, but should remain under quarantine for some time.

In an area where in recent days has been a significant increase in the number of coronavirus cases, according to Deputy Mayor of Finance and Planning, George Mayagas, the municipal authority aims to reduce the possibility of further spread of the coronavirus mainly to the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

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This is not a “Covid Prison” as Germany has made it a mandatory lockup for those found to break their quarantine repeatedly.

According to the Deputy Mayor Mr. Mayakas:

“The thought is, when someone is diagnosed positive for coronavirus and is forced to remain in quarantine in his home, where he lives with his elderly first-degree relatives, if he wants to and has nowhere else to go, he can stay in the hostel for the days of the quarantine. This way he will keep his elderly relatives safe. In no case will the accommodation of the patients in the hostel be obligatory and in no case do we want to replace the hospitals. It is for patients who do not need to stay in hospital and have nowhere else to go and only if they want to.”

According to him, the idea of ​​creating a hostel for patients with Covid-19 is currently a thought of the mayor of Voio, Christos Zevklis and no action has been taken to implement it. The issue is expected to pass the municipal council in the near future, while the majority of the local community is positive about the issue.

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In an old mansion

The space has been found for the accommodation of the hostel. This is an old mansion in Siatista, which is owned by the Municipality of Voio. According to Mr. Mayagas, this building is in very good condition, since until recently it operated as a small hotel, since the municipality had leased it to a private individual. This means that once the decision to build the hostel is made, it will be able to operate very quickly.

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The old mansion has seven rooms, which means that it will be able to accommodate a sufficient number of patients from the area.

Watch N.Hardalias (Deputy Minister for Civil Protection and Crisis Management) announcement for hosting structures across the country:

Watch the relevant video from ERT3:

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