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Infection Disease Specialist and Government “Expert” Dr. Th.Vasilakopoulos Admits That Vaccinated People Can Produce Covid Mutations


Διαβάστε το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.

The Infection Disease Specialist and government “expert” Dr. Theodoros Vasilakopoulos calls to be very careful, those who have been vaccinated with the first dose because if they become infected at this stage, they can produce mutations of the virus.

Speaking to ERT, Th. Vasilakopoulos said: “Obviously they have partial protection but there is a real risk of getting sick while there is a second risk that if I catch a coronavirus while I have partial immunity, then when the coronavirus multiplies in me it is under pressure because of the presence of antibodies that are not many, but are present so it is very likely within me to create mutated coronavirus strains. So it’s not that I’m not fully protected, it’s that I should not get infected while I’m partially vaccinated because there is a possibility that I will produce mutated strains in my body and we do not want that.”

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Mr. Vasilakopoulos continued by explaining: “Because at the time when the virus multiplies in the body there are antibodies, but not enough to neutralize it, any accidental changes in the virus are what make it escape the few antibodies. So it will be a mutant strain that will escape our antibodies that will be resistant to vaccines. This is a real risk and those who are vaccinated with the first dose should continue to take care of their health as they are not 100% protected but also for the reason I’m telling you. “We believe that the mutated strains were largely produced in immunosuppressed people who had the virus in them for a long time and while they had antibodies, they were not many so that they could defeat it.”

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As you will see in the video, Mr. Vasilakopoulos essentially speaks by indirectly promoting the third vaccine dose, since he says that those who have not done a single dose should pay special attention until the next dose, when they are already preparing for the third dose because of the existing mutations.

We remain to see the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine to the new mutations (eg Indian). Wait for the moment when it will be said that another dose is needed to deal with all the mutations and to get ahead .. and into the carousel of mutations… A vicious circle in the “hunt for the lost mutation…”.

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The following questions are raised by the fraudulent attitude of Th. Vasilakopoulos:

  • Why didn’t they report on the production of mutations by the vaccinated before so many mutations appeared, since the studies that support it exist at least since January, such as the study of Rockefeller University, but only those who supported it were called “sprayed”. Do experts begin to feel the breath of justice behind their necks? Notice that in the interview he is talking about an epidemic and not a pandemic
  • What about those who the vaccine , may not “work” as experts say, or produce a sufficient number of antibodies and that is why they explain to us that someone who has been vaccinated can get infected. Obviously, they are capable as well of producing mutations of the virus since their antibodies are not capable of fighting the virus effectively. So when do you think the epidemic will end?
  • What were the implications of the low quality batch that Pfizer delivered to the EU? For how many mutations is it responsible? (Is it right and moral that there is no legal responsibility for this?)
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“The epidemic is not over”

At the same time, Th. Vasilakopoulos said: “It is essential to understand that the epidemic in Greece is not over yet. “We are close to the end, we hope that in the summer we will achieve this, but we are not finished to throw away the masks and start celebrating, partying and hagging each other, we are not there yet,” he said. Here we emphasize again that he is talking about epidemic and not pandemic.

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“So we have to be very careful about the openings that are made”, he continued, adding that some of the openings “will reduce cases, such as opening catering outdoors as it will reduce meetings at home.”

He also referred to CDC instructions that vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask outdoors. Why should non-vaccinated people wear a mask? So that they do not get sick and die from the deadly virus? So it is mandatory for the personal good of the unvaccinated? It does not seem like such a thing from the “ad-hock laws” that tear the Constitution every now and then…

At this point the fraudulent government expert Th. Vasilkopoulos told the biggest lie of the present interview: He said that the vaccinated person has very little chance of transmitting the virus compared to a non-vaccinated one. We assure you that there is no study that shows this, on the contrary, now they themselves admit that vaccinated people can produce mutations. Watch Senator Rand Paul expose Fauci in the Senate on the same issue, or more precisely on the same lie..

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