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Dr. Pierre Capel: The Biological Dance of Immunity and Anxiety in the Days of Pandemic


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Dr. Pierre Capel is a professor of molecular genetics at the University of Utrecht, and has focused his research on the biochemistry of emotions, where the “soft field” and hard science merge smoothly.

In the following video, Dr. Capel explains the interaction of stress with the immune system, and in particular in the context of dealing with the pandemic and the terror spread by the governments and mainstream (pro-government) media.

Briefly, the professor notes:

  1. The immune system is highly individualized: Nature’s way of ensuring the survival of the species is to equip individuals with differing immune systems and therefore, differing immune responses to any given threat. The number of people with a genetic vulnerability to COVID-19 is extremely low.
  2. The immune system is made up of layers, which come into action at different stages: Genetically speaking, the deeper cytokine layer, which we see over-reacting and complicating many COVID-19 cases, is malfunctioning in only a very small percentage of people.
  3. The high anxiety response was a reaction to a threat that was both unknown and highly contagious: In the absence of solid data at the start of the epidemic, we assumed COVID-19 was very lethal. Currently we have much better data, but the media take the statistics out of context. The media’s way of presenting the information only amplifies anxiety.
  4. Prolonged anxiety triggers a genetic response, which disbalances the immune system: Your ability to mount an effective immune response to the virus could be compromised by an anxious state of mind.
  5. Further, chronic emotional stress facilitates the development of a large variety of chronic illnesses: It also reduces life expectancy by 7 years on average.
  6. Our emotions trigger a hormonal reaction, and the hormones in turn influence gene expression: Twenty minutes a day of mind calming (e.g. meditation or a walk in nature) improves gene expression and redresses the disbalancing effects of anxiety for the following 24 hours.
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Watch the relevant video from the interview of Dr. Pierre Capel:

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