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Secret services: Jihadists plan to attack to churches in Europe

Jihadists plan to attack churches-symbols, and not just across Europe, in order to strike the biggest blow in the history of terrorism, according to...

Al-Sisi warns Greece & Cyprus: Watch out for Ankara’s “games” with Islamists

Egypt has experienced and managed to face the insidious aggression of Ankara, with internal interventions but also interventions in other countries, causing chaos. Erdogan has...

The European map of Covid-19

Ireland and Wales are under full quarantine, two-thirds of the French under tight restrictions and a record number of cases in Germany. The situation...

Erdogan’s puppet Ersin Tatar won in the Occupied – What’s changing in Cyprus

Erdogan-backed Ersin Tatar has been chosen by Turkish Cypriots for their new leader in today's elections in the Occupied Territories. Tatar was elected with...

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Why 2020 US election is Global Election – How the outcome will rule the World. Kyriakos Mitsotakis nightmarish conspiracy

The last 24-48 hours before the American elections, we will have a record number of cases of covid-19 throughout Europe and of course in...

“Green” light from M. Pompeo for the F-35 to Greece instead of Turkey – Reinforcement of the Army in Greece with 30,000 fighters is...

Immediate arrival and inclusion of six F-35 fighters in the arsenal of Greek Air Force. The most important thing, however, is that the six...

Why Macron declared “war” on the jihadists – France-Turkey relations in the red

France recalled its ambassador to Ankara in response to Erdogan's unprecedented insulting remarks that French President Emanuel Macron needs ... mental treatment because he...

Unrepentant is the teacher at the Lyceum of Ymittos who asked for mascara instead of … mask: “I want to be judged”

She was taken to court - Her trial adjourned to November - The philologist refused to accept even the decisions given to her by...

Coronovirus: Premiere of New Measures with an Explosion of Cases. 935 Confirmed Cases

A new shock with the confirmed cases of the coronavirus being launched at 935 "accompanied" the premiere of the new stricter measures yesterday. Thessaloniki...