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Appeal of Dr. Janci Lindsay at CDC: Risk of Sterilization for the Whole Generation and Immune System Damage – Stop Vaccine Production and Distribution for Covid-19

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In a public address to the American Infectious Diseases Control Agency (CDC), molecular biologist and toxicologist Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., called for an immediate halt to the production and distribution of vaccines to the public.

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Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay gave three reasons for this:

Explaining that the vaccines are not safe, she said that they have created complications such as thrombosis, possibly affect fertility, and finally can have a negative effect on the body’s immune system, which is referred to in the international literature as “antigenic escape” or “immune escape”.

We can not give these vaccines to our children who according to statistics have a 0.002% chance of dying from COVID-19 if they become infected with the virus, or in the population that is in the age of fertilization without first having thoroughly examined the theme.

This could potentially lead to the sterilization of an entire generation,” said the American biologist.

The reference to fertility concerns the protein cocytin, which is found in the placenta and plays a critical role during pregnancy.

In 2000, American researchers discovered that the protein placenta, which is a virus of viral origin and is present in all mammals, is necessary for the formation of the placenta.

If the body begins to develop antibodies against the spike proteins used by COVID-19, after inoculation with mRNA preparations it is possible to attack the conjunctiva, resulting in inability to conceive.

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Regarding the immune system, Janci Chunn Lindsay stated:

It is clear that we are seeing an immune decline immediately after vaccination and there are immunosuppressive regions in the protein spikes, as well as Syn-2, which may be causing it, through a T-cell mediating mechanism.

If we do not stop this vaccination campaign until these issues are investigated, we may see a phenomenon as we see in birds with Marek’s disease.

Listen to the Audio:

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