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Monday, January 30, 2023

PM K.Mitsotakis: We Will Make the Self Tests Mandatory for Retail, MMM and Delivery

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The article is available in Greek here.

There may be strong reactions from students and teachers regarding the self tests, but Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis considers that this was a “successful start”.

As Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, 613 students and teachers tested positive (it must be confirmed with molecular test), which means that they will be “out” of schools for a period of time.

The Prime Minister also revealed that very soon, at the end of this week, the self tests will be extended to employees in retail, transportation and employees at food delivery. Probably in the same way that it is done in schools, that is, with its compulsory conduct once or twice a week.

Finally, he claimed that a new supply of self tests will follow.

The entire position of the Prime Minister:

“Before we start the presentation, let me make a brief statement on the issue of self-tests.


I think that the beginning of the self-tests proved to be very successful and I think that congratulations are due to the students, first and foremost, to the teachers, to the families of the students who supported this bold initiative of the state. They showed that when the government trusts the citizen, they respond responsibly.


I think it is very important that we identified 613 students and teachers – mostly – asymptomatic, who tested positive in the self-test. They stayed at home today, not exposing their classmates and colleagues to the risk of transmitting the virus.


And this is the great utility of this new virus detection tool that we now have at our disposal and that is why this measure will be extended very soon, at the end of this week, to retailers, transport workers and food delivery workers.


And also to point out the fact that in the second tender for the supply of 10 million additional self-tests many more companies are participating than in the first tender.


Therefore, I estimate that the cost of the relevant supply will be lower.

And, I believe, these elements justify our choice to re-operate both retail and education carefully.


So we must continue, with great care and utilize this additional tool, so that we can identify cases of our fellow citizens who are positive for the virus and whom we can not always identify through the organized tests that the state

is doing, which – I want to repeat – and will continue and intensify even more. 

Self-tests and rapid tests that are organized by the state

 are not a substitute for molecular testing. It is an additional tool that we have at our disposal, which at the population level can give us an important additional weapon to be able to limit the spread of the virus “.

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