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Nobelist who Discovered AIDS Dr. Luc Montangier Joins Israel Supreme Court Petition to Halt Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign

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A petition yesterday was submitted to Israel’s Supreme Court by Nakim.org founders Dr. Hervé Seligmann and Haim Yativ seeking to halt the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.

The article is available in Greek language here.

They attached to the petition an opinion by Nobel Prize in Medicine laureate Prof. Luc Montagnier who discovered the AIDS virus. Prof. Montagnier approached Seligman and Yativ following publications on the Nakim website regarding the high mortality following Pfizer’s “vaccine”. He concludes his opinion with the words: “In the face of an unpredictable future it is better to abstain.”

“Any physician or expert who wishes to join the petition as a party or is interested in forwarding an affidavit regarding the petition to the Supreme Court to strengthen it, is welcome to contact Haim Yativ at haim@nakim.org.

“This is another stage in the legal struggle to stop the vaccines and protect the children of Israel and its citizens, there is a long way ahead and we are publishing the petition in full both to warn the public and to assist other lawyers in preparing similar petitions,” wrote Yativ.

Expert opinion by Prof. Luc Montagnier:

Mr. President, Messrs. Judges of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel,

This letter is in support of the petition for suspension of the vaccination against COVID-19 presented to you by Messrs Yativ and Seligmann.


I am Luc Montagnier, doctor of medicine, Professor emeritus at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, Director of research emeritus at CNRS, Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine for the discovery of the AIDS virus. I am an expert in virology, having devoted a large part of my research to RNA viruses, in particular mouse encephalomyocarditis, Rous sarcoma virus, HIV 1 and HIV2 viruses.


Considerable effort has been devoted to vaccination against the novel coronavirus COVID-19 responsible for a global pandemic, in particular the State of Israel has organized a mass vaccination of its population; to date 49 percent of its total population has received two doses of Pfizer vaccine.


I would first like to stress the novelty of this type of vaccine. In conventional vaccines, the genetic information carried by the DNA or the viral RNA is inactivated and the proteins of the virus are used to induce the antibodies of the vaccine. In some cases, the virus remains alive but is attenuated by successive passages in vitro. In the case of so-called messenger RNA vaccines, these vaccines are made of an active fraction of the virus RNA which will be injected into the person to be vaccinated.


It is therefore the cells of the latter which will manufacture the vaccinating proteins from the code of the injected RNA. We can immediately see that this final step depends a lot for its success on the physiological state of the recipient. I would like to summarize the potential dangers of such vaccines in a mass vaccination policy:


1] Short-term side effects; these are not the normal local reactions in any vaccination, but serious reactions endangering the life of the recipient; anaphylactic shock linked to a component of the vaccine mixture, or severe allergic or auto-immune reaction up to cellular aplasia.


2] Lack of vaccine protection;


2a] Induction of facilitating antibodies; the antibodies induced do not neutralize a viral infection, but on the contrary facilitate it depending on the recipient; the latter may have already been exposed to the virus asymptomatically. A low level of naturally induced antibodies may compete with the antibodies induced by the vaccine.


2b] The production of antibodies induced by vaccination in a population highly exposed to the virus will lead to the selection of variants resistant to these antibodies. These variants can be more virulent or more transmissible. This is what we are seeing now. An endless virus-vaccine race could result with always an advantage for the virus.


3] Long-term effects: Contrary to the claims of the manufacturers of m-RNA vaccines, there is a risk of integration of the viral RNA into the human genome. Indeed, each of our cells has endogenous retroviruses having the capacity to reverse-transcribe this RNA into DNA. Although this is a rare event, one cannot exclude its passage through the DNA of germ cells and its transmission to future generations.


*In the face of an unpredictable future it is better to abstain.*


Luc Montagnier

Read the original petition:

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