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US Elections: How Did We Arrive At This Point and What’s Next

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The US election thriller, which is expected to continue with a tough judicial dispute by Trump, undoubtedly highlighted the gaps and inadequacies at least of the US electoral system about the election of the President.

This was nothing new for the people of Jerusalem. As early as 2000, the “American electoral deficits” had been pointed out long before problems arose in Florida and other states during the Bush-Gore election.

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Some of them were as obvious as the laxity that prevailed and still prevails in the compilation of electoral rolls. As in 2000 as well as in the 2020 elections in various states voters could register on the electoral rolls even at the time of their arrival at ballots so that cases of double voting in different States can not be ruled out, especially now that the letter ballot has been widely used. In fact, in the current election campaign in many states, the governors changed the election law at the last minute due to a pandemic. There were also a lot of problems with the various counting machines for this and the vote will be recounted in Georgia this time by hand, while in Pennsylvania we were unlikely to allow Trump’s representatives to be close enough to watch and verify the validity of the ballots, but on the contrary, they had forced them to be several meters away! Finally, by a court decision, it was accepted that they could be at a short distance from the election commission during the sorting of votes.

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In Georgia, they also changed the location of the polling stations on the eve of the elections, resulting in many voters not to know where to vote! Both the EU and the US denounce the elections in Belarus and impose sanctions on Lukashenko. And if this is happening in the US and even at the expense of the incumbent President, imagine what is happening elsewhere in other elections, especially at the expense of the small opposition parties.

The battle in the recent US presidential election is nothing more than a clash between the forces of “ethnocentric capitalism” expressed by Trump and the forces that support globalization and “casino capitalism” that Biden expresses. In fact, “Donald Trump was indeed addressing the audience of white, low-educated Americans, that is, the small and middle classes who oppose economic globalization and what it entails: competition. with Asian companies, an influx of immigrants, etc. This world that is not tied to America’s big agricultural and industrial interests or its services and financial interests supported Trump, specifically because they are promised a more protective trade policy, new mercantilism”.

And this was indeed confirmed by Trump’s decisions to cancel the TTIP, to impose protectionism on the US economy, to declare a trade war in China and the EU under the slogan America First and finally to withdraw the US from the World Health Organization and other major international agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement.

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However, as Trump was an opponent of global immigration and the free movement of goods and services, he led America to a peculiar economic and social isolation, facing not only the forces of globalization and the new world order but also several marginalized strata such as immigrants from Latin America. Also, his conservative policy about many social issues pushed a large part of the youth and the feminist movements to the Democrats. The African-American community was added, especially after the escalation of police violence and the assassination of George Floyd. In conjunction with the adverse effects of this pandemic, these and other forces rallied around Biden’s candidacy, which of course was strongly supported by the US establishment, the military-industrial complex, the media, and other forces at the forefront of modern globalization and the new order of things.

The result is Biden’s victory in terms of popular vote and electorate based on today’s results, although Trump continues to insist on electoral fraud. So everything will be judged in the courts and the possibility that the US Supreme Court will be called, among others, to judge the legality of millions of letter votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and elsewhere.

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