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“Oruc Reis” a Breath From Faliraki of Rhodes!

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The Turkish research ship “Oruc Reis”, which continues its research on the Greek continental shelf, has once again reached a breathing distance from Rhodes, with Athens continuing to just “watch it”.

Specifically, opening its transmitters – while for a long time it had them closed – as a demonstration of the determination of the Turkish side, the Turkish research reached 12.5 miles east of the Greek island open from Faliraki.

A challenge the magnitude of which can only be realized if it is taken into account with the almost simultaneous fiesta of Tayyip Erdogan in Cyprus, as in this way the Turks chose to show that they will continue to push on all fronts Greece, which has been fortified behind the 6 miles and the only thing he keeps repeating is that “he will tell the Europeans”.

Click here to watch where is Oruc Reis now

At the same time, the Turkish Minister of Energy claims that “Oruc Reis” has laid cables on the Greek continental shelf and has collected promising data. “Just as we tore the Treaty of Sevres 100 years ago, so now we are tearing the Treaty of Sevres that they want to impose on our Blue Homeland,” Donmez said. Furthermore, the Turks accused our country of violations, through the Ministry of Defense, proving the magnitude of their audacity.

The scariest thing of all, of course, is that for both the Greek political parties and the media, Turkish provocations have become routine and are not even commented on. This is the only way to explain the fact that there is a reaction from the Greek side only when the Turkish NAVTEX is renewed for the “Oruc Reis” and throughout the interval they remain silent. In fact, some appear almost relieved that the Turkish research did not exceed 12 miles this time.

New Navtex for Turkish Oruc Reis off Rhodes until November 20, shortly after the deadly earthquake in Samos

The only exception is the party Hellenic Solution of Mr. Kyriakos Velopoulos, which with its announcement reminded of the continuing violation of the Greek continental shelf, under the absolute silence and tolerance of the government. Kyriakos Velopoulos’ party warned that it will not accept the creation of any accomplice and immediately called on the government to conduct an investigation regarding the Turkish research, persecution, and fire to the Turkish navy. “Defending national sovereignty is not a ‘government choice, but a government obligation,'” the statement concluded.

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