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US Election: The Road to 270 – The Situation in the States That Will Decide the Presidency

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Democrats were thinking they were 17 electoral votes short of hitting the 270 Electoral College votes they would need to win the election, but votes in some of the states were still being counted yesterday afternoon (Thursday), while many media were showing that President Trump needed to win 56 more electoral votes, as of 3:10 p.m. Eastern on Thursday 12/11.

According to the above, Mr. Biden had more pathways to victory available to him. The presidency would be granted by 27 different combinations of the remaining states, while only four different combinations would re-elect Mr. Trump (and a tie would result in one path).

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Electoral votes: 16
Trump leads Biden, 49.5 percent to 49.2 percent, with more than 95 percent of the estimated vote in.
Gap: about 13,000 votes.
You need to know: Early Thursday morning, Georgia’s voting system development manager said that approximately 60,000 pending mail-in absentee ballots were uncounted. In Democratic-leaning counties, plenty is. By the end of the day, the state expects to finish the count.

Electoral votes: 20
Trump leads Biden, 50.2 percent to 48.5 percent, with about 92 percent of the estimated vote in.
Gap: about 109,000 votes.
You need to know: The Secretary of State of Pennsylvania said Thursday afternoon that about 550,000 votes were remaining to be counted and that she hoped a winner could be declared by the end of the day. Most of the votes left to be counted are in counties where Mr. Biden is ahead, including Philadelphia, the most populous county in the state, where Mr. Biden is leading by around 60 percentage points. Yet in hundreds of Trump-leaning states, lots of elections are pending. To win the state, Mr. Biden has to win nearly two-thirds of the remaining votes. The vote count is being checked continuously.

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Electoral votes: 6
Biden leads Trump, 49.5 percent to 48.5 percent, with 87 percent of the estimated vote in.
Gap: about 11,000 votes.
You need to know: Both votes on Election Day have been counted, leaving to be tabulated only Democratic-leaning late mail and provisional ballots. Vote counts are updated constantly.

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Electoral votes: 11
Biden leads Trump, 50.5 percent to 48.1 percent, with 86 percent of the estimated vote in.
Gap: about 68,000 votes.
You need to know: To conquer the state, Mr. Trump wants to win around 60 percent of the remaining votes. It is anticipated that further findings will be published on Thursday night.

Electoral votes: 15
Trump leads Biden, 50.1 percent to 48.7 percent, with 95 percent of the estimated vote in.
Gap: about 77,000 votes.
You need to know: With most votes now tabulated, to pull ahead, Mr. Biden will need to win around two-thirds of the remaining. Postmarked Election Day mail ballots will be approved until Thursday, Nov. 12.

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