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Madagascar President: WHO Offered a $20 Million Bribe to Poison Covid-19 Herbal Cure

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The President of Madagascar made a dramatic assertion in a surprising development that the WHO gave a $20 million bribe to poison COVID-19 cure. The President said that the herbal solution called COVID-19 Organics derived from Artemisia would heal COVID-19 patients within ten days. He also asked the question that if this solution had really been found by a European country, would there be too much doubt?

Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina accused the World Health Organisation of a plot to poison COVID-19 Organics, the indigenous African ‘cure’ for the virus. Tanzania Perspective wrote at headline on the front page of its 14th May edition that Rajoelina reports that WHO bid a $20 million bribe to poison her medication.

The President of Madagascar claims the only reason the rest of the world has failed to urgently and politely treat Madagascar’s treatment for the coronavirus is that the antidote comes from Africa.

President Rajoelina recently said in an interview with the French media that he found what he thinks stemmed from ordinary condescension towards Africans.

“The challenge, I suppose, is that the drink) comes from Africa, and they can’t admit… that a country like Madagascar… has come up with a recipe for saving the world.”

What is actually the problem with Covid-Organics? Might it be that Africa comes from this product? Isn’t it OK for a nation like Madagascar, which is the world’s 63rd poorest country, to come up with a formula that will help save the world?”

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Will there be too much skepticism if it wasn’t Madagascar and if it was a European country that had really found this remedy? I don’t believe so said the youngest African Head of State, President Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar.

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The cure, COVID Organics, is made from Artemisia, a herb that was introduced from China to treat malaria in Madagascar in the 1970s. Artemisia has been a proven success against malaria and it can heal COVID-19 patients within 10 days, according to President Rajoelina.

However, some natural preventive interventions against the coronavirus have been dismissed by the WHO as blind faith. Rajoelina said No country or agency can deter us from moving forward in response to the cynicism with which the WHO treats COVID Organics.

The Madagascan recipe has been imported by a number of other African nations, including Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau, DR Congo, and Niger.

In the meantime, Bill Gates has been caught bribing coerced Coronavirus software in yet another African country in Nigeria. A scandal has arisen in Nigeria based on an intercepted human intelligence article, revealing that Bill Gates proposed a $10 million bribe to the Nigerian House of Representatives for a mandatory vaccination campaign for Coronavirus.

And when the vaccinations were not discovered, the opposition political parties opposed the “foreign-sponsored Bill” mandating the compulsory vaccination of all Nigerians and requested that the Speaker be impeached if he enforces the bill on lawmakers.

Only a few days later, an Italian senator requested that Bill Gates be arrested by the Italian parliament. Bill Gates was criticized as a ‘vaccine criminal’ by Sara Cunial, Member of Parliament for Rome, and advised the Italian President to hand him over for crimes against humanity to the International Criminal Court. In India and Africa, she also revealed the policy of Bill Gates, along with the proposals to chip the human race through the ID2020 automated identity software.

The Madagascar fight exploded days after WHO booted out Tanzania after COVID-19 Positive came from Goat and Papaya samples. Tanzanian President John Magufuli, highly wary of the World Health Organisation (WHO), wanted to probe the accusations himself with the rise of fake Coronavirus cases.

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He sent a pig, papaya, and a quail to the WHO for research. The Tanzanian President is claimed to have kicked WHO out of the country after all three samples were positive for COVID-19.

Following the Tanzanian leadership, Burundi even booted out the country’s entire WHO Coronavirus Unit for internal intervention. The Foreign Ministry states in a letter sent to the WHO Africa headquarters that the four officials would leave by Friday.

Looks like Africa’s WHO days are over.

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