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Friday, December 9, 2022

Why Vladimir Putin Has Not Congratulated Joe Biden

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State leaders are gradually sending congratulatory messages to Joe Biden on his victory in the US election.

However, at the moment, Russia is not among these countries. Vladimir Putin has not congratulated the next US president, but there is … an explanation.

According to Kremlin, the Russian president is waiting for the announcement of the “official” results of the US presidential election to congratulate the winner, having noted his questioning of the victory of the newly elected President Joe Biden by the outgoing Donald Trump.

Kremlin press representative Dmitry Peshkov told reporters that Moscow thought it best to wait for the official results to comment.

In any case, he added that President Putin has repeatedly stated that he will respect the choice of the American people, “whatever that may be”.

In 2016, Vladimir Putin had congratulated Donald Trump almost an hour after the broadcast of the predictions of the American media that had declared him the winner, as is always the case in the American presidential elections. Peshkov said there had been no court action at the time to challenge the result.

China, Russia, Mexico and Brazil have not yet congratulated Joe Biden neither.

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