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Friday, December 9, 2022

US Elections: The RCP Mades Pennsylvania a Toss-Up! More States to Come. Joe Biden to 259 Voters And Falling.. Silence From TV Channels.

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One of the most reputable news organizations in America and the world, Real Clear Politics (RCP), made Pennsylvania a Toss Up in the electoral map, from the States where Joe Biden is said to have won!

It should be reminded that the RCP is not close to Trump and is the journalistic organization that until the last day of the elections, was giving a poll lead to the sleeping Joe.

The sweater of Biden’s election victory, which the media is trying to force on the electorate, has just lost one of its sleeves.

According to RCP, Biden is no longer the President-elect, as the channels and technology companies want him to be. The battle for the presidency has just begun…

Investigation From the American Minister of Justice for Fraud in the US Elections - What He Ordered to the Prosecutors
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