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The Armenians Lured the Azeri Turks Into a Trap and Killed 800

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The chronicle of Aliyev’s fiasco, on the eve of the national holiday of Azerbaijan, writes, in a post on Facebook, the journalist Krikor Tsakijian.

The Azeri forces fell into the trap set by the Armenians.

Aliyev had promised his people and his Turkish bosses that his troops would parade on the day of their national holiday, November 9, in Shushi.

The Armenians had a surprise in store for Aliyev.

On the eve of November 9, they started evacuating Shushi in the morning.

The civilians and 1,500 Armenian soldiers left the area, mountain commandos, who climbed into the surrounding mountains and set up an ambush, waiting for the Azeris to “bite”.

The spy drones recorded the escape of the population and the soldiers.

The fools believed that the Armenians had really left the area.

The Azeris sent 30 soldiers to detect. They saw the area deserted.

They notified the headquarters that Shushi had been abandoned.

The 30 Azeris started celebrating and taking pictures in Shushi, until the rest of the aid arrived, consisting of 1,200 Turks and Azeris.

They had fallen into the trap set by the Armenians!

From the surrounding slopes of the mountains, the Armenian army began to descend with 1,500 men, all mountain commandos, and literally slaughtered them.

800 Turkish Azeris were killed. The others ran to escape.

In their anguish to escape the massacre, they threw in the street even their weapons.

This will be a day of shame for Aliyev and his army, where they were humiliated on the battlefield and even on the eve of their national holiday, where they will never forget it.

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After this fiasco, they wanted to amuse the impressions and started distributing to their friends in the media all over the world, press releases about the alleged occupation of Shushi by the Azerbaijani army.

The “Azeri parrots” got the news, without crossing it and played the game of propaganda and misinformation of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

In Greece, the “usual suspect”, Nikos Evangelatos widely published the news, which he received from the Turkish media, as he stated in his sources, and from there began the copy paste from unreliable websites around the internet, which provide only copy paste information.

Meanwhile, the Armenians in Shushi have set up a party and are celebrating for the big win they achieved, as if they were getting married, as reported by Armenians who are in the area and described the situation to us.

“These to restore reality. To put people and events in their place”, Krikor Tsakijian concludes.

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