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Erdogan “Beheaded” His Son-In-Law After 40 Deputies Threatened Him With Apostasy

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The countdown for the “sultan” has begun – The Turkish economy is collapsing, his government is faltering and his Armed Forces are counting successive defeats on the field from Greece.

Since last March, when the Greek-Turkish crisis began with the attempt to invade Evros by thousands of refugees and immigrants instigated by the Turkish regime, we had explained in detail the reasons why the “sultan” was creating a new front with Greece.

With the Turkish economy collapsing, the turkish pound sinking, thousands of businesses locked up and millions of people living below the poverty line, Erdogan was trying to divert his people from real problems through threats against Greece.

Erdogan is not a fool. He has known for months that his political capital is running out day by day and this trend is intensifying until a tangible victory emerges. So what he did is that he started to increase the pressure in Greece more. On July 20, he ordered the Turkish fleet to leave the Aksaz naval base en masse and head for the sea area between Rhodes and Kastelorizo. There, however, he found in front of him the Greek Navy, which had taken up positions ready for naval battle. The retreat was a one-way street for the Turks who saw the Greek cannons ready to fire.

A few days later, on August 10, he ordered the Oruc Reis to invade the Greek continental shelf and conduct naval research, accompanied by a Turkish fleet consisting of frigates and corvettes. The Navy was there again. With determination, mental strength and composure, the Greek Fleet found itself facing the Turks delivering seamanship lessons. The incident with the frigate LIMNOS hitting the Turkish Kemal Reis on the side, was the message to Ankara that Greece has no tollerance for “jokes”. The Armed Forces were and are ready to strike at any moment.

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Consecutive NAVTEX followed for the ORUC REIS which continues to sail within the Greek continental shelf. The Navy is always by its side, ready to carry out any reaction command and get involved in any situation. As for the Greek “wings”, they have become a nightmare for the Turkish pilots, who got to the point of flying back in panic and with empty fuel tanks, to be saved in Turkey, from the relentless chase of the Greek pilots. Not a single air battle can be won by the Turks, while the attempt to locate the Greek submarines has never succeded.

So the coveted victory that Erdogan eagerly sought to be saved politically did not come, and the extreme rhetoric of a “Blue Homeland”, a new Ottoman Empire and Islamic rule in the Mediterranean, no longer seduces any Turk.

Developments for “Sultan” Erdogan will now be dramatic. His government appears to be on the verge of dissolution as of Sunday afternoon, with Finance Minister and his son-in-law Berat Albayrak resigning there’s a domino effect created in Ankara.

It is particularly important to mention how Erdogan’s son-in-law arrived at the resignation, with information from the neighboring country confirming that the situation is now much more serious.

According to the Cumhurriyet newspaper, citing sources in the far-right party of Devlet Bahceli – Erdogan’s government partner – Parliament Speaker Bulent Arinc, in a meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that about 30-40 MPs will distance themselves to opposition parties – especially those of former Prime Minister Davutoglu and former Foreign Minister Ali Babacan.

Turkish Frigate Kemal Reis Damage after Collision with Greek Frigate Limnos (Pictures)

In a meeting between Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and the MPs, he confirmed their intention and briefed Erdogan. Following this development – according to Cumhurriyet – Erdogan understood the seriousness of the situation and, during his meeting with Albayrak, expressed his view that it was appropriate to… sacrifice him in order to decompress the situation a little.

The “sultan” is now facing the consequences of his actions. The Turkish economy is collapsing, his government is failing and his Armed Forces are counting successive defeats on the field by Greece. Unfortunately for the Turkish people, the days to come will be difficult.

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