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Completely Coincidentally: As Soon As Mr. Biden Won, the Vaccine was “Accidentally” Found, the Stock Market Rose, the Price of Gold Deflated and Globalization Calmed Down

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As soon as Mr. Biden won, the vaccine was accidentally found, the stock market rose, the price of gold deflated and globalization calmed down. Ms Merkel said the vaccine would be given to vulnerable groups first but would in no way be imposed on anyone who did not want to be vaccinated. Calmly now, after the defeat of Mr. Trump, Angela Merkel supported the right of all those who are against vaccination.

Pfizer has announced that its vaccine is 90% effective. Other vaccines will follow shortly. The East has its own, Russia has two and China we do not know how many. The cunning pharmaceutical industry of the West will soon have a whole “menu”. This is how the planet is in 2020. The secret to vaccines, as it’s written, is that they are not vaccines. It’s just that scientists use them to greatly reduce the viral load, the toxicity of the virus, so there are no symptoms. That is, in fact, based on what is said, they found effective drugs and not actual vaccines.

It now proves in practice that conspiracy theories were grounded. Trump and his politicians were harassing the club of billionaires. The Germans and the Chinese were angry with him. So is SiliconValley.

The virus accidentally escaped from China when everyone realized a year ago that Trump was dangerous to their interests. He imposed tariffs or threatened higher tariffs on German and Chinese products. He fought all the bosses of the internet.

Who is currently gaining from covid19? SiliconValley.

Robert Koch Institute: "Humanity Will Never Be Able to Eliminate Coronavirus [...] It Would Be Good to Start Learning to Live With It, Perhaps Forever"!

Bill Gates alone earned about $ 8 billion. Mr. Bezos with Amazon doubled his profits. Mr. Zuckerberg’s shares rose ten percent, that is, he put 10 to 11 billion in his pocket. Pharmaceutical companies won and continue winning billlions. It really was not a conspiracy at all. Neither has our government taken or is taking part to it. It was and is a highly profitable business at the expense of the lives of billions of people. A virus with minimal mortality, with the help of television, panic and fear, has pushed and is pushing oceans of dollars into the pockets of specific people.

Here in our long-suffering homeland Greece, it turns out that this government of Mitsotakis’ New Democracy is dismantling the place, burning the economy and dismantling what is left from the administration. Either out of incompetence or intentionally, it proceeds to the greatest deregulation of the market that has taken place during the time of the memorandum. Kyriakos Mitsotakis has neither the necessary mind nor the necessary determination to make some serious, logical and people-acceptable political decisions. He tries to pass the distance education, telework and internet shopping by forcing citizens in their homes, but both he and his associates fail.
The Minister of Education, Mrs. Kerameos, has completely failed to implement e-learning. Teleworking and human incarceration bring thousands of mental illnesses. Kikilias is worthy of all the accusations of abandoning thousands of people whose health will not be restored after the suspension of 80% of all general surgeries.

Last night, the announcement of the Public Health Committee, proved once again that politics is involved in infectious diseases and produces “dirty” results by burning the national economy. Killing thousands of people. Destroying millions of families. It is no coincidence that entire societies are revolting around the world. The Commission communication proves exactly what is happening. They shouted yesterday at tv channels that 41 people had died, and they shouted in a country where they have hidden that in the year we have gone through so far, we have lost over one hundred thousand Greeks from various serious diseases.

New genetic study explains how SARS-CoV-2 became such a difficult 'enemy' after passing from animals to humans – findings pave way for new therapeutic goals

The 41 who died had a median age of 79 years, and take into account the “median” and not the “average” that we all know because most are over 80-85 years, but they find and communicte the 79 years. That is, if they give detailed data, most of them are elderly. Also fraudulently in the last announcement they honestly report that 96.5% of the 41 deaths, i.e. 37 to 38 deaths, had serious underlying diseases. In this way, they seek to terrorize the Greeks and to justify the crap of the National Health System. They did not do the necessary things from the time the coronavirus started, and simply baptized the ICUs in ICU covid19.

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Suddenly, shortly before and after the US election: The mass graves in Brazil, Trump’s bad friend Bolsonaro, Covid19 in Mexico and South America that were broadcasting 24/7 in Greece dissapeared from Greek TV. Covid19 has disappeared from China, Russia and the Nordic countries but has returned with force here in Europe, where Mrs Merkel sets the stage.

The policy pursued has to do with strengthening monopolies and especially certain categories of multinationals. For example, IT, internet shoping, logistics companies, green energy and all those companies that deal with the environment. In order to control the population and change the economy, they are trying to abolish individual freedoms and constitutions. They want people, especially young people, to spend more time on a computer. This brings huge profits for SiliconValley, Amazon, and at the east for AliBaba.

Why Vladimir Putin Has Not Congratulated Joe Biden

It is not a conspiracy at all. It is a very strong business. They say they care about the elderly but in reality they want all of them to leave. To clean up the pension, government spending.

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They want to turn Education into distance education. This reduces public spending. There is no need for classrooms and many teachers. The abolition of Culture and Art is necessary for the discounts that democracy and individual rights suffer.

The virus enables government spending to be collected. The general deregulation of the market sets their own “hawks” and “vultures” in the place of the many “sparrows”. The experiment has been achieved in the past through coups, wars and the “utilization” of natural disasters. Nowdays, the coronavirus is convenient. When you are locked in the house and the only view you have is the “spectacle” of excited journalists who almost screaming for Covid-19 panicking and terrorizing people, you do not realize what the Government is really doing or what it is intenting to do. Because you reduce reading, by being distracted and brainwashed from TV.

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