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Monday, January 30, 2023

Albania: Bill Seeks to Establish Sea Area Opposite Corfu as “Inland Waters Outside The Hague”

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With a bill, Tirana is trying to characterize a large sea area opposite Corfu as “inland waters” and to take them “out” of The Hague so that the court can decide the division of only Greek waters between Greece & Albania!

“A draft law has been submitted to the Assembly that defines the waters in the area of ​​Agioi Saranda and the coasts as” historic “and this strongly affects the agreement with Greece”, write the Albanian media.

The draft was submitted by parliamentary opposition MP Kostak Papa, who submitted it a month ago but then withdrew it for review.

According to the draft, it is stated that this law aims at “declaring the sea waters of the Gulf of Saints Saranda, Vouthrotos, Examilia, Himara, Bors, Kiparos and the Palace as the sea waters of the “Historical Cove” of Republic of Albania and their accession to “Inland Waters” (same status as lakes, etc.).

This definition also defines part of the Gulf of Corfu, as a part that no agreement can be made that will “violate” this area.

Article 1 of the draft stipulates that “The inland waters of the Republic of Albania shall be the seawater to the land, from the baseline from which the width of the territorial waters of the Republic of Albania shall be measured, in accordance with Article 8 of the Convention for the 1982 sea, ratified by the Republic of Albania in 2003 “.

The draft will be discussed immediately in the Commission and then sent to the Summit.

The approval of this project is considered important by Kostak Papas, because it legally “protects” the maritime sector that is expected to be part of the negotiations with Greece.

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