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Thursday, May 26, 2022

French Ambassador Calls on French in Greece to Individual Vigilance for Terrorist Attack

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The French Ambassador, Patrick Maisonnave, called on the French living in Greece and those passing through to be individually vigilant for a terrorist attack.


Read the Ambassador’s message:

“My compatriots,

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic reached France, Greece and all over Europe. Greek authorities announced a new lockdown on November 7, to limit the spread of the virus and allow the healthcare system to deal with it. I ask you, as last spring, to show the same spirit of responsibility and to respect the government instructions, in the interest of all.

France, on the other hand, fell victim to new terrorist attacks a few days ago. So we are all called upon – in France and abroad – to exercise heightened vigilance.

Thanks to the support of the Greek authorities, measures to protect French rights – diplomatic, consular, cultural and school – have been strengthened, in particular to ensure the safety of staff and the public monitoring these areas.

We must also maintain the utmost daily attention. I take this opportunity to remind you of the usefulness of listing all those who have settled abroad in the French register at service-public.fr, if you live in Greece, and in the Ariane service if you are a passerby, in order to receive notifications when necessary.

In these difficult times, nothing can replace our individual vigilance. I know that I can count on you.

Patrick Maisonette”

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