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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Greek Health System: 80% of Surgeries are Canceled by Government Order

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Shame and disgrace on the Mitsotakis government, which cynically declares that it is not interested in the eruption of mortality from surgical diseases or in deaths that do not concern the news bulletins. Before this embarrassing measure was announced, the waiting list for surgeries in public hospitals was already so long that the patient had to wait months for surgery. Now with the dramatic reduction of 80%, does anyone have any hope of having surgery someday? Who will decide who will have surgery and who will not? Virtually, surgeries in public hospitals are abolished. What will happen to all our fellow citizens who cannot pay for surgeries in private hospitals? This irrational measure deprives the right to public care.

Let the state finally stop caring about our health

Reactions from hospital doctors are provoked by the government’s decision to reduce regular surgeries by 20% to 80%, in the context of dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

In a statement, the president of the Federation of Hospital Doctors (OENGE) Aphrodite Retziou talks about the criminal responsibilities of the government:

“Once again, the public health system is becoming a system of a disease. The drastic reduction of regular surgery by 20% in surveillance areas and by 80% in high-risk areas undermines the government’s narrative of strengthening and preparing the public health system.

It is confirmed once again that whatever measures the government took were based on the resilience of the capitalist economy and not on preserving the health of the people, as it provocatively claims.

Really, the sweeping and intensive controls announced by the government for the observance of the measures will also apply to the private health groups which in the first wave continued to sell their services undisturbed to their high clientele?

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The government should immediatelly stop sucking the candy of ‘individual responsibility’, to proceed with the requisition of the private health sector, in measures of real shielding of the public health system with massive recruitment of permanent staff and the development of all necessary infrastructure.

The antidote to government irresponsibility is the strengthening of our claims for the protection of our health and the defense of our lives”!



The joint statement of the general secretary of the Association of Hospital Doctors of Attica (EINAP) Panos Papanikolaou and the members of its board of directors Despina Tosonidou and Costa Katarachia are moving in the similar direction:

“The government’s order to reduce surgeries by 80% in the risk areas announced by Mr. Hardalias tonight, specifying the new measures announced this morning by Mr. Mitsotakis, is a destructive and deadly method.

It is an open confession from the government that all the previous months it did not ‘shield the national health system ESY’, nor did it make recruitments and that is why, as in the spring, it wants to move staff from the surgeries to the ERs, the COVID ward and the COVID ICUs.

It is an open confession that the government is simply not interested in eradicating mortality and morbidity from surgery. It is not interested in deaths that do not concern the news bulletins.

It is characteristic that from the announcement of the specific measure, the Ministers of Health, Kikilias – Kontozamanis hide and put Hardalias from Ministry of Citizen Protection in front.

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Also characteristic is the guilty silence of the so-called “state experts” who are in fact “forbidden to criticize” according to the prime minister. Let them explain to us exactly what science foresees the almost complete abolition of surgery in public care and where exactly according to their science the poor people will go for surgery, that is the vast majority who do not have to pay in private clinics.

“The struggling public health workers together with the people will defeat the epidemic and at the same time overthrow this painless class inhuman policy.”

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