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Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Measures Against the Coronavirus are Incoherent and Incomplete

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“Stacking” of citizens in public transport. “Anything goes” at the entrance gates of the country.

With incomplete and poorly planned measures, which show the complete inability of the government to manage the health crisis, millions of Greek citizens are called to obey from today.

With absolutely no concern for the “stacking” of passengers in public transport, the Prime Minister decided to take steps in a rush, which will be the “funeral” of catering, an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of workers, while the vast majority of the entrepreneurs of the sector were following the rules.

Serving specific interests, the government did not consider it necessary to tighten health protocols at the country’s gates, although dozens of coronavirus cases are detected daily by testing.

In fact, at a time when the majority of Greek citizens were turning to their TVs at noon on Saturday to listen to the discourse of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, four large cruise ships had approached the port of Piraeus. Were the hundreds of tourists who were in these four cruise ships tested for Covid or they were roaming the streets of Athens while they were infected? Nobody knows…

As for the free movement between the prefectures, it could only be described as criminal, if we take into account the large spread of the virus that was observed a few days ago, when citizens of “red” areas gathered for fun in the “yellow”. This happened in Thessaloniki and Serres, so why not happen in Attica and Corinthos, or elsewhere?

From 6 am on Tuesday, Greece enters a mini lockdown, in an effort to stop the pandemic and improve the epidemiological picture.

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According to what the prime minister said on Saturday noon, the country is now divided into two zones, instead of four. In other words, the less burdened areas “green” and “yellow” (as they were called before) are “consolidated”, and the regional units with the highest virus load, former “orange” and “red” as well. Thus, now we have two zones, “Surveillance” and “Increased Risk”, respectively.

In “Increased Risk” zone, which includes all of northern Greece and Attica, all restaurants, such as cafes, restaurants and bars, will remain closed for a month and serve only in the form of delivery or take away. Theaters, cinemas and museums will also be closed for a month.

This decision, which puts a “gravestone” in most of the private sector, was taken because the above areas (restaurants, bars, cafes etc.) are outbreaks of the virus, according to experts.

The vast majority of entrepreneurs in the industry speak for “targeting” by the government, which will lead to “padlocks” and rising unemployment.

“When we talk about measures, we mean only the food service induastry. This is the reality. I am not convinced that the industry is the source of the coronavirus spread. It is clear that the industry will have padlocks” emphasizes George Kavvathas, president of the General Confederation of Professional Craftsmen – Merchants of Greece.

The president of the Association of Grill Restaurants and Coffee Bars of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, Giannis Filokostas, is moving in the same direction: “We feel that the whole restaurant sector is being punished for ten to 15 stores that do not comply with the measures. The enterprenours of the sector, throughout the previous period, has kept the measures as they should, and now we are being punished again “.

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In the peripheral units that present a better epidemiological picture and belong to the “Surveillance Zone”, the catering shops will be open until 23.30. The use of the mask becomes mandatory for staff as well as for the public located in waiting areas.

The maximum allowable seating area per table is six people, while the occupancy should not exceed 50% of the capacity of each store. In the open archeological sites a distance of 1.5 meters should be observed between the visitors, while in the closed museums one person per 15 square meters will be allowed.

Finally, for those who want to go to the cinema, they are required to have their ticket online and the fullness inside the room will not exceed 50%

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