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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Athens today in Islamic siege. Two marches against France were banned

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By decision of the security director, both marches were banned. The marches had been announced days ago.

According to the announcement of Hellenic Police Attica Headquarters late on Saturday night, “the above prohibitions were decided because there is a serious risk to public safety, due to the possibility of serious crimes, while the socio-economic life in the area is seriously threatened, taking into account the current health legislation on measures to prevent and limit the spread of coronavirus ”.

Great concern and many questions from two gatherings of Islamists almost simultaneously marching to the French embassy.

These are two rallies that especially the one is directed directly against the French president Emanuel Macron and will take place in Syntagma Square. The organizers are Iraqi immigrants. A march to the French embassy was scheduled to follow. All this had been permitted from the government until cancelled last night. To be noted that yesterday afternoon a Greek Orthodox priest fell victim to a murderous attack in France.

At about the same time, a march of Pakistanis for Kashmir was scheduled, where they would also make a stop at the French embassy.


12:00: Rally in Syntagma Square by Iraqi nationals
living in our country and then on to its Embassy
France (LV Sofias 7, Athens), to express their dissatisfaction
for the President of the French Republic.

13:00: Rally in Kotzia Square by members of the Kashmir Union
Greece ¨ and members of the Pakistani Community on the occasion of events that
took place in Kashmir.
– A procession will follow to the Embassy of India as final destination
(Kleanthous 3, Athens) and a possible short stop outside
Embassy of France (LV Sofia 7).

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It is clear that the marches are aimed at the French president and culture itself. So we hope not to experience images like these recently in Pakistan with similar demonstrations against France.

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