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Eurozone Summit: Fair distribution of vaccines decided by the “27” and condemnation of Turkey

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Adequate vaccinations for all EU member states based on their population and condemnation of the Turkish provocation were among the key conclusions drawn from the extraordinary EU Summit held yesterday via teleconference.

The teleconference of the Heads of State and Government of the EU Member States, which took place in a heavy climate after the terrorist attacks in France, made suggestions for dealing with the pandemic, following the announcements of the European Commission set of measures 24 hours ago.

EU Summit: What the “27” agreed on the pandemic

According to what became known, the 27 leaders during the Summit agreed on three basic measures of joint effort to deal with the second wave of the coronavirus.

  • The first is the distribution of a sufficient number of vaccines for each country (depending on its population).
  • The second concerns a common European Passenger Location Form which will contribute to travel safety.
  • The third is the cooperation between the states in case the Health System of a country is under pressure.

Vaccine and condemnation of Turkish provocation

The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis also participated in the extraordinary teleconference. According to government sources, the discussion focused on strengthening European coordination in order to avoid further escalation of the second wave, in the context of understanding the most appropriate measures that will allow the virus to be limited as much as possible, while maintaining as much regularity as possible for the EU economic life and the movement of people and goods.

A common European Passenger Location Form, and the cooperation between the states in case the Health System of a country is under pressure has been decided.

Merkel and European leaders gives a "pardon" to Erdogan's illegal and aggressive actions

In addition, the same sources add, that the leaders pledged to step up efforts to ensure adequate quantities of vaccines that meet the necessary safety standards. “All states will receive vaccines at the same time in proportion to their population. “The economic consequences of the pandemic were also discussed and the need to implement the decisions taken in order to address these economic and social consequences was stressed,” the same sources underline.

The leaders also expressed their full support for France and the French people and condemned the extremism and intolerance, as well as the personal attacks on French President Emanuel Macron by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his support for Emanuel Macron and the French people, saying that “the clash of religions and cultures promoted by the Turkish leadership is a systemic threat to Europe and goes beyond what is happening in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Condemnation was also expressed of Turkey’s provocative actions and rhetoric in the Eastern Mediterranean, which were described as “completely unacceptable”. The determination of European leaders to respect the decisions of the October European Council was stressed and it was noted that issues concerning Turkey will be discussed again at the December Summit.

The EU condemns “Turkey’s unilateral actions in the Eastern Mediterranean, the provocations and the rhetoric, which are completely unacceptable,” the European Council president said during a press conference after the teleconference.

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