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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Mourning in Samos for the two dead children from the eartquake

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Two children aged 17 and 15, according to the first information from the Civil Protection, were pulled out dead today, from the ruins that the earthquake left in Vathi of Samos.

Specifically, according to the Civil Protection, the children were crossing a narrow road and were crushed by a wall that collapsed. They had just finished their school when the earthquake hit the island.

A fire brigade that was at the scene of the incident, took out the bodies of the children to be picked up by EKAB. One child was pulled out dead while the other was initially reported to have regained consciousness and was fighting to stay alive. It finally came to an end. They are a boy and a girl, high school students.

Local authorities said the incident occurred immediately after the 6.7 magnitude earthquake. The children were heading specifically to the beach and passed through a narrow alley in the area of ​​Gefyraki, on Kanari Street, when the wall of a building fell. “The point was so narrow and they probably could not be protected,” said a man involved in the rescue operation.

It is noted that from the first moment the Civil Protection has sent messages through 112 warning the citizens not to approach old buildings.

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